World Vaping Day » A Celebration of Electronic Cigarettes!

World Vaping Day

Since the invention of electronic cigarettes in 2003, “vaping” has gained popularity across the world. First started in China, the creators were so sure they had a hit with their product, that they changed their company name from Golden Dragon Holdings to Ruyan, which means “almost like smoke,” in order to highlight their product.

Though it has only been in US markets since 2007, the device has already seen widespread success with the public. US based companies such as Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, and V2 Cigs are the most popular and our recommended electronic cigarette manufacturers.

Electronic Cigarettes Health

It’s no wonder the product has risen so fast. With so many people dying every year of cancer and lung disease, the public is eager to accept a healthier alternative. Not only do electronic cigarettes lack the odor, tar, and chemicals of traditional tobacco cigarettes, they also don’t have the same chemicals as traditional cigarettes.

Vaping AllowedAlthough long-term studies have not yet been completed, short term studies by the Cancer Associated, Food and Drug Administration, and several universities have concluded that electronic cigarettes may be safer when compared to tobacco products.

World Vaping Day Encourages Tobacco Users to Switch to E-Cigs

For this reason, many e-cigarette manufacturers would like tobacco users to make the switch.

To promote awareness of their product and its benefits, electronic cigarette manufacturers and users, or vapors as they’re now known, will be holding a worldwide event called World Vaping Day on Thursday, March 22nd. They intend to host events that will celebrate the e-cig’s success and to give tobacco users a chance to trade their traditional cigarettes for this modern version. Some manufacturers will be offering discounts on their products and introducing new starter kits to entice new users to give them a try.

If you would like to participate in World Vaping Day, you can go to their website at to get more information and even a Pic Badge to post on your social network site. Remember, the event is about raising awareness of the alternative to tobacco smoke, so the more people you inform about electronic cigarettes the better. If you’re feeling really generous, you can even refer them to and our full list of e cigarette coupon codes.

World Vaping Day DetailsCheck the map on their website to see if an event will be happening near you. If not, why not organize one yourself?

They encourage you to print and hand out their flyer, contact your local media, and to lead what’s called a “vapemeet” at a local pub or diner. You can then post your event on their map so others can take part.

If you do go, please come back and let us know how it goes. Good luck and have fun. Most of all, remember to keep it smokeless!

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