White Cloud Cigarettes Review

White Cloud Cigarettes Review

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Price: $249.95
Coupon Code: C3X-10
Reader Discount: 10% off Cirrus 3X!
Delivery Time: 1-6 days
Flavors: 8
Nicotine Levels: 6

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White Cloud is the “Cadillac” of electronic cigarettes. They aren’t the cheapest, but you get what you pay for with White Cloud. They are, hands down, the best e cigarette brand available. Now on their third model, the Cirrus 3 is the smallest and lightest Cirrus to date. I had heard a little about White Cloud, but when I received my Cirrus 3 starter kit I was really blown away at the quality of their product. Not to mention the excitement as I was opening an “iPod” style packaging.

What makes White Cloud so great? To start, the cartridges utilize their SmoothDraw technology which results in the best tasting, longest lasting and most consistent smoke I have ever experienced. These self contained nicotine vaporizers combine the cartridge with the vaporizer so you don’t have to worry about a mess and get a smooth draw with every drag. As part of the 9 step manufacturing process, each cartridge is required to pass 3 quality checks.

As you may have expected, White Clouds batteries are equally impressive. Their batteries lasts 3-5 longer than the competition and charges faster too! The Cirrus 3 starter kit comes with 3 small batteries, which have enough charge for about 600 puffs. White Cloud batteries all pass 4 quality checks before leaving the factory, so you know you’re getting a product that will last.

Note: All prices are shown without our White Cloud Cigarette Coupon Codes!

  • Get 10% off Cirrus 3X Kits by using coupon code » C3X-10.
  • Get Free Warranty and Wall Adapter with starter kits » 2YEARWALL.
  • Get Free Warranty and Car Adapter with starter kits » 2YEARCAR.

To get your free items please click the link to purchase a starter kit of your choice and use the appropriate code matching your choice of adapter. Add the 2 Year Assured Warranty and the adapter of your choice to your cart, then enter the coupon in the code box and your discount will appear right on your order!

Click here to take advantage of this discount and visit the White Cloud website!

White Cloud Starter Kits

  • Cirrus II Starter Kit – $179.95 - Includes 2 Batteries, 1 Express USB Charger, User Manual and 5 SmoothDraw Cartridges.
  • Cirrus III Starter Kit – Most Popular! – $249.95 - Includes 3 Batteries, 1 Express USB Charger, AC adapter, User Manual and 5 SmoothDraw Cartridges.
  • Cirrus 3x Starter Kit – Best Value! – $349.95 - Includes 3 Batteries, 1 Chargebolt USB Charger, AC adapter, User Manual, 5 SmoothDraw Cartridges and 2 Year Premium Warranty.
  • The Weekender – New! – $259.95 - Includes Cirrus III kit + C3 Clamshell Case.

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SmoothDraw Cartridges

  • White Cloud offers cartridges in 8 different flavors with 6 different nicotine levels including zero nicotine!
  • Cartridge Flavors – Regular Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Espresso, Chocolate, Clove, Strawberry and Kick
  • Nicotine Levels – (XX) Double Extra, (X) Extra, (F) Full, (L) Light, (UL) Ultra Light and (NF) Nicotine Free
  • Each Cartridge contains enough e-liquid to give about 400 puffs.
  • Each 5 pack of cartridges is equal to about 1 carton of regular cigarettes.
  • When you buy 5 packs you get 1 FREE!


  • Cirrus II Rechargeable Batteries – $99.95
  • Cirrus II Batteries produce about 280 puffs, or about 6-8 hours of use.


  • Vapor Jackets – $9.95 – New! – Customize and protest your e cigarette!
  • Cirrus 3 Clam Shell Case – $19.95 – Fits all 3 batteries and 2 cartridges
  • Cirrus Clam Shell Case – $19.95
  • White Cloud Lanyard – $9.95
  • Single Carrying Case – $12.95
  • Express USB Charger – $24.95
  • AC Adapter Combo – $29.95
  • Car Adapter Combo – $29.95
  • White Cloud T-Shirt – $11.95
  • Assured Smoke 2 Year Warranty – $29.95


  • FREE Shipping on all orders over $50
  • Batteries and Charges are covered by a 6 Month Warranty

Visit the White Cloud Website for more information or to make a purchase.

Click Here to Visit the Website

White Cloud Cigarettes Review4Zach2012-04-09 11:27:59

Overall Rating

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Coupon Code:

Reader Discount:
10% off Cirrus 3X!

Delivery Time:
1-6 da…

E Cigarette ReviewsWhite Cloud Cigarettes Review

Overall Rating

Editor's Rating


Coupon Code:

Reader Discount:
10% off Cirrus 3X!

Delivery Time:
1-6 da…

User Reviews

9 User Reviews for “White Cloud Cigarettes Review”
  1. Rating

    The taste and battery life are ok…but just so high priced. If you have the money to spend go for it!!

  2. White Cloud Customer Care EB

    Hi Marilyn,

    We’re currently having a “Spring Cleaning” sale in our online store, offering 50 cartridges for $75. Check it out.

  3. Cathy Yosha

    I had tried 2 other e cigarettes and thought that that would not be the way I quit smoking. I was always looking for something to help me quit. Finally, a friend introduced me to white cloud. How grateful I am to this day. The taste is just what I was looking for..not harsh or not too mild. I love the different strengths for different times. If I am just at home or work, I do quite well with the lights. But if I am out dining or having drinks, I love the regular strength. I have been a smoker for over 30 years and recently diagnosed with COPD and knew I had to quit smoking. What a blessing to be able to exercise again. I feel like I am smoking but without all the horrible side effects. White Cloud’s customer service has been good to me. I order them online and have never had a late shipment.(very important to me) . I know the price is high but you get what you pay for and I don’t spend any more than I did with cigarettes. I urge everyone I know to try them and have given several away knowing that they will be greatly benefited as I was.

  4. Dan Lakin

    Not all Electric Cigarettes are created equal!
    I started my electric cigarette hobby over 2 years ago. November of 2010. I ordered one form the internet (I’m sorry I don’t remember the brand). It was awful, so of course I thought all electric cigarettes were awful. Sometime in 2011 I decided to give another brand a shot. The brand was Njoy. They are sold at 7-11 stores and a bought them there. Njoy was defiantly a step up from my first try but they have issues – The battery life is poor. The batteries don’t all function the same. Meaning some batteries produce a better vapor than other batteries. Another issue was that the cartridge fell apart in my pocket and I was unable to put it back together. Sounds weird I know, but I lost many cartridges this way – I would say 50%. I used this brand for about 6 months and then I decided to give the Internet another chance. This time I did a little homework. I found a web site that listed top 3 brands – V-2, Greensmoke, and White Cloud. I started with the V2. V2 is actually pretty good. This is the first cig I tried that actually had enough vapor to be satisfying however I found the batteries to be a little delicate and thus had problems functioning. I tried all the exotic flavors but ended up coming back to plain old menthol. A side note– I smoked Marlboro reds or mediums not Menthol, but with electrics I find Menthol to be the most satisfying in all brands I have tried. Next up Greensmoke. This was highly rated but I found it to be awful – very poor vapor volume. I think I made it through one cartridge. White Cloud was next. Hands down the best I have ever tried with its’ great thick vapor and best flavor. The battery life on the 3X is outrageous. One 3x gets me though a full day at work – about 6 hours of puffing! Another plus is that the customer service is excellent. Orders ship the same day placed, they handle warranty issues by sending out a new product and trust you to send it back. I have been using WC for about one year and have only had (1 or 2 warranty issues.)

  5. Mary Haney

    I have been a White Cloud user 7 months. I cannot imagine using any other e-cig now. I have tried many other brands but they all are inferior to White Cloud.
    Batteries (I have the 3x model): they do last much longer than any other brand I have tried.
    Cartridges – the cartridges are wonderful. They have the most realistic taste, perfect draw and great vapor.
    Customer Service – fantastic – they really do care about their customers, and are very fast to respond to inquiries.
    Warranty – White Cloud has the best warranty around.
    Quality – I have never had to return a cartridge for defects.
    Cost – I think I actually save money by using White Cloud because the quality is so above the rest that there is never anything to return.
    Shipping – fastest shipping of any company.
    Overall, White Cloud is the best e-cig out there.

  6. Rating

    I have been a White Cloud user for a year and a half. For various reasons through the years, I needed an alternative to smoking. In the end it wasn’t even the outrageous price of a pack of smokes or the “no smoking” signs everywhere. For me it was the birth of my granddaughter. I had tried 2 other brands and had given up on the e-cig as my “go-to”. I was pretty panicked until a friend showed me White Cloud at the mall. Of course I was skeptical but as they say the third times a charm!!! Product line/shipping/customer service White Cloud will not disappoint. I will always be grateful to that friend and I hope I can pass it forward and be that friend to someone else!

  7. Chuck Bock

    White Cloud Cigs have changed my life from the moment my starter kit landed on my door step. I had been smoking over a pack a day for more than 10 years. And after trying all the traditional ways to quit smoking without success, I finally found White Cloud. I heard of other e-cigs before and none of them really seemed to do the trick for the people that had them. They would use their e-cig and then smoke tobacco within the same hour. I also heard the stories of people buying e-cigs at gas stations for like 5 dollars and how the poor quality basically made them worthless. But back to White Cloud. When I found them I saw on their website they were coming out with a new model the C3X that was supposed to last super long and give out a high volume of vapor for that throat hit us smokers need to feel. So I ordered it and I never smoked a tobacco cigarette again. It has been 8 months and I now despise the smell of tobacco cigarettes. The C3X lasts so long that I always have 2 batteries charged and ready to go at any given time. In addition the choice and variety in flavors and nicotine strengths makes the possibilities endless. I am currently weening the strength of my nicotine down until I hit zero nicotine. But I feel like even when that day comes I still use this product. I enjoy using it so much and it tastes wonderful. Also not to be forgotten is their customer service it is amazing. They are quick to respond to any question or request. One time I e-mailed them to find out the status of an order and within 10 minutes my phone was ringing. It was White Cloud on the line to help me! I highly recommend them to anyone who is trying to quit or has an e-cig that just is not up to par. They have saved my life. They might just save yours.

  8. ken gentile

    I have enjoyed White Cloud electronic cigarettes for the past three years. They have continually upgraded their flavors and batteries. They offer an excellent web site and distribute their products both through the web and shopping mall kiosks. Although I moved out of the local area White Cloud continues to offer excellent support remotely on the web. They are only a phone call or an email away. They offer an excellent warranty program on their batteries and accessories. I am a very particular buyer and am very pleased with their customer service and product offerings. I have turned some of my friends and relatives who were smokers and they have enjoyed the product as well.

  9. Chip Carter

    I know they’re not advertised as smoking cessation devices, but my wife and I both quit smoking with White Cloud after trying several other brands. I still shop around and compare but I have not found another brand that comes remotely close. Yes, they are expensive, and in fact I think we spend more on e-cigs than we ever did on analogs, but some things are more important than money. If you can’t afford a couple of extra bucks for these, you don’t need to be smoking anything anyway. The new Cirrus 3X is the latest version, well worth the money, battery lasts all day. I always take a pair everywhere I go just to make sure I get through the day with no worries about battery failure and they have yet to let me down.

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