What are Water Vapor Electronic Cigarettes?

Water vapor electronic cigarettes are becoming more prevalent nowadays as more smokers become aware of the negative effects of smoking to overall health. Because of the adverse effects of this habit, many companies have come up with various devices and products which are primarily designed to limit the ill-effects of smoking.

Nicotine patches and nicotine gums have taken the backseat ever since vapor cigarettes became available on the market.

Overview of Water Vapor Cigarettes

Water vapor electronic cigarettes are some of the most effective nicotine delivery alternative devices available to the masses. Also known as e-cigarettes, these electronic devices are battery powered, which in turn give users a dose of nicotine or even non-nicotine solution without the undesirable production of regular tobacco smoke.

What appears like traditional cigarette smoke upon usage is actually vapor that delivers the nicotine to the body.  Smokers then go through a real and satisfying “smoking experience” without actually picking up and smoking tobacco cigarettes. Simply put, water vapor electronic cigarettes provide the same physical sensations that are experienced when inhaling regular tobacco smoke.

In general, these cigarettes are made from either proptlene glycol or less commonly vegetable glycerin. They are available in a wide array of nicotine concentrations such as high, medium, and low dose cartridges. Some also have no nicotine content at all.

How Vapor Electronic Cigarettes Work

Smoking CigarettesWater vapor electronic cigarettes are designed to provide the tastes and sensations which are most commonly delivered by tobacco products. Aside from the conventional cigarette taste, they also come in non-traditional flavor variations such as cinnamon, menthol, and apple, among others. Standard vapor cigarettes come with batteries, atomizers, and cartridges. The nicotine content varies in concentration and may be purchased according to the preference of users.

When users puff on e-cigarettes, water vapor is produced due to a series of chemical and electronic reactions. First, batteries are activated to power the atomizers. Then, the activated atomizers provide the necessary heat that is required in the production of vapor from the cartridge. Afterwards, users absorb the nicotine and then exhale the vapor.

Benefits of water vapor electronic cigarettes

Aside from their smokeless feature, there are a myriad of benefits that can be attained from using ecigs, some of them are explained on the succeeding paragraphs.

No Cigarette Butts

E-cigarettes do not burn and therefore do not produce cigarette butts.  They are also known as a great alternative to cigarette smoking.  It is well known that traditional cigarettes contain logs of chemicals and cause disease.  With vapor cigarettes, you can choose “no nicotine” cartridges which have been reported to satisfy cravings without smoking regular cigarettes.

Can be Used Anywhere

Because users breathe out water vapor, vapor cigarettes can be used in most public places where smoking is banned. A few of the long list of places includes airports, offices, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Accumulate Savings

E-cigarettes are more convenient to use and are generally more affordable than conventional tobacco cigarettes. In fact, smokers can save up to 60 to 80 percent on average smoking costs.

These cigarettes are known to be more cost efficient than tobacco products since its use reduces and even helps to eliminate the development of detrimental conditions, which in turn may translate to higher life insurance costs. This is a commonly overlooked benefit of smokeless cigarette use among smokers out there.

No Ashes or Burns

Water vapor electronic cigarettes are non-flammable and do not produce ashes. They utilize sensors that activate the cigarettes when they are puffed. Furthermore, they can be stored in pockets, bags, or purses without having to worry about burns and other damages.

Improve Well Being

You may find the body may quickly experience fast relief just by simply stopping the act of smoking cigarettes. Furthermore, many users affirm that they felt better, developed smoother skin, and were able to improve their cardiovascular health when they switched to electronic cigarettes.

Complete smoking cessation can mean excellent oral hygiene and fresher breath, which in turn raises one’s self-confidence. Tobacco smoking can result in the accumulation of plaque on the teeth, gums, and tongue. Plus, it can have a drying side effect on the mouth. Reduced moisture on the mouth prohibits the cleaning effects of saliva on oral bacteria, as such, bad breath may develop.


The use of water vapor cigarettes is beneficial in many ways. While there are actually no conclusive studies which can prove that long term exposure to nicotine vapors may lead to detrimental health issues, users are still advised to utilize it in moderation and observe safety precautions at the same time.

Despite a lot of criticism, it can still be said that e-cigarettes use is beneficial as it promotes a better life.  If you are interested in trying a smokeless cigarette, read our excellent e cigarette reviews or jump straight to our recommendations for the best electronic cigarettes.


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