What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Since they are relatively new products, many people are asking, what are electronic cigarettes? To answer this question, it is important to first look at how the product has entered the market.

With different kits to accommodate the most avid or social smoker, it is not very surprising that many smokers do not know how or where electronic cigarettes originated. The e cigarette was actually from the patent acquired by Herbert A. Gilbert. Whenver someone asks me “what are e cigarettes?”, my reply explains they are smokeless cigarette products which are not based on traditional tobacco cigarette production.

Electronic cigarettes define a process wherein they provide a way to smoke without the tobacco found in regular cigarettes. This is achieved through the use of cigarette products that replace burning tobacco cigarettes by omitting the burning of paper.  Click here to learn how e cigarettes work.

During that time, there were technological limitations and real cigarettes were not yet perceived to be harmful to the health of smokers. The modern electric cigarette introduced by the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003 is the target of e cigarette reviews published online like our popular Green Smoke reviews.

Components of Electronic Cigarettes

If you are interested to know what electronic cigarettes are, one of the most effective ways to do that is to familiarize yourself with its components. Unlike real cigarettes which have the filter, the paper, and the tobacco, electronic cigarettes are also made of three essential components which are distinct. In defining what electronic cigarettes are, it is equally important to understand how each component functions.

1. Cartridge – in terms of electronic cigarettes, this is the mouthpiece which also functions as the storage of the liquid which is turned into vapor by the heating component of the electric cigarette. The vapor is what gives the impression of smoke when the avid or social smoker puffs the e cig. Refill cartridges and extra cartridges are widely available from various vendors of cigarette products.

2. Atomizer – this portion of the electronic cigarette is responsible for housing the heating element that will vaporize the liquid in the cigarette cartridge. In the context of what are electronic cigarettes, this is the power supply of the e-cigarette which is normally in portable battery format. There are however other electronic components which are necessary to assist the operation of the battery of electronic cigarettes.

3. Cartomizer – in some electronic cigarette models, this is an option which replaces an extra cartridge which makes use of those atomizer components in one integrated piece of electric cigarette. It should be understood however that this component of e-cigarette smoking is disposable compared to the standalone atomizers of majority of quality e-cigarette products. Aside from being reusable, the standalone atomizers of electronic cigarettes also enjoy competitive pricing.

Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

To answer the question “what is an electronic cigarette?” it is crucial to gain understanding of its most important component, cigarette cartridges. The cartridge is a small and normally disposable plastic vessel that is designed to have openings at both ends.

One end links to the atomizer for the discharge of heat while the other is where the smoker puffs in order to get the e-cigarette smoking experience. It is important that the cartridge allows for the smooth flow of liquid to the atomizer.

The importance of cigs design in the context of “what are e cigarettes?” is that they prevent the liquid in the cartridge to flow into the mouth of the smoker. The cartridge helps produce a visual manifestation of a tobacco cigarette smoke as well as provide nicotine-like flavors to the smoker.

Inside the cartridge is a sponge-like component that effectively keeps the liquid in its place from a barrier system that separates it from the mouth-end opening of the electronic cigarette. The side channels of the mouthpiece casing of a high quality e-cigarette allows the vapor to travel from the atomizer through the liquid chamber until it reaches the mouth-end opening of the smokeless cigarette.


Since the liquids are responsible for producing the smoke-like vapor mist, it is important in understanding “what are electronic cigarettes?” to be familiar with them. These components are a type of e cigarette product that is sold as a separate bottled product and is used mostly with refillable cartridges, and at times as pre-filled disposable extra cartridges.

There are a number of names used in the marketing of electronic cigarette liquids like e-juice, nicotine solution, and e-cigarette liquid among others. Taking into consideration what are electronic cigarettes, it is important to know that the contents of the liquid solutions vary depending if flavor is included.

Normally, the liquid is made up of water and artificial flavor combined with a glycerin or propylene glycol base. The solution includes varying levels of nicotine depending on the cartridge strength. This is mainly responsible for fulfilling the nicotine cravings of any avid and social smoker. Many electronic cigarette reviews attest to the fact that various types of smokers derive satisfaction even from the cheapest starter kit.

Electronic Cigarette Flavors

For a tobacco cigarette, the smoker usually has a choice of menthol or regular cigarette. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, smokers actually are treated to a wide range of choices when it comes to flavors.

E cigarette reviews like our Green Smoke reviews and South Beach Smoke review among others reveal that many smokers of electronic cigarettes actually enjoy the variety of flavors that are offered by vendors of e cigarette products. It is presumed that manufacturers of numerous different kits include the flavors to help those who want to find a flavor better than their favorite regular cigarette brand.

When you want to know what electronic cigarettes are, you should be aware of the common flavors that are on the market. When attempting to mimic regular cigarettes, menthol and tobacco cigarette flavor is available. Other more innovative flavors to choose from also include Camel, Marlboro, vanilla, cherry, cola, coffee, chocolate, daiquiri, and strawberry among others.

As you can see, the flavor you can use can range from conventional to exotic. This actually, in part, defines essentially what electronic cigarettes are. A vapor product that has adapted to meet the needs and wants of any smoker. Read this article to discover the benefits of electronic cigarettes.


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