We Are Vapers Documentary Film Release

We Are VaporsAvid members of the vaping community have been aware of the advantages attached to electronic cigarettes for years. However, we may be seeing the inner workings of the vaping community, the wonders of electronic cigarettes, and the concept of harm reduction in conjunction with traditional cigarette smoking going mainstream thanks to a documentary project from filmmaker Linc Williams called We Are Vapers.

We Are Vapers is still in preproduction, but some of the exciting details of the project are already coming to light and causing a considerable buzz within the vaping community at large. The documentary is among the first projects of its kind to focus on the real problem at the root of the social and health issues caused by traditional smoking. Instead of focusing on a need to quit smoking altogether, it shines a light on the fact that the real issue is the dangers and health risks attached to smoke consumption itself.

Tobacco Harm ReductionThis focus and approach to the issue of smoking is known at large as Tobacco Harm Reduction. Tobacco Harm Reduction at its core refers to any and all actions an individual, community, or group can take to lower the health risks associated with tobacco smoking.

It also focuses on alternative ways to deliver the necessary and desired nicotine doses long-time smokers require while also eliminating the harmful effects of actually inhaling smoke.

Overall, the Tobacco Harm Reduction movement strives to educate the general public about alternative sources of nicotine consumption so that people can benefit from a full understanding of what does and does not contribute to the ills associated with cigarette smoking.

We Are Vapors DocumentaryThis marks a huge step when it comes to raising the general public’s awareness of electronic cigarettes and the tight-knit, unique community of users that use them. Electronic cigarettes have been recognized among those in the know as a massive advance when it comes to the issue of tobacco harm. However, while they are growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, they are nevertheless still a bit of an underground item. We Are Vapers could change the way people think about smoking, nicotine consumption, and electronic cigarettes forever.

We Are Vapers will cover a wide variety of areas when it comes to electronic cigarettes, the Tobacco Harm Reduction movement, and the e-cig community at large. It will feature information on the history of e-cigarettes, the health implication of all forms of nicotine consumption, the personal stories of individual vapers, and much more. Stay tuned for continuing news about this exciting and innovative project!

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