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Fashionable, Classy, Feminine. These words aren’t usually associated with e-cigs.

Not yet that is. Coming Soon, Vapor Couture is the latest e-cigarette brand, made exclusively for women that care about style.

Vapor Couture - Coming Soon

As the leading e-cigarette review site, we were recently sent a Vapor Couture pre-release starter kit. Let me tell you, as soon as I opened the beautiful purple and gold box, I knew this brand was different. This is without a doubt a new kind of electronic cigarette.

What was included in our Starter Kit?

  • 2 Long, Slim Batteries with a Sparkling Crystal tip – 1 White Signature VC, 1 Rose Gold
  • Rodeo Drive cartridge 5 pack
  • Fresh Mint cartridge 5 pack
  • VC Purse/Soft Case
  • USB Charger and Wall Adapter

Vapor Couture’s Official Release Rumors

The rumors have been ongoing for quite some time now. They started back in October 2011 when V2 leaked some pictures of the prototype model in a press release. The V2Forums have been buzzing ever since and here’s what I have been able to pick up.

  • High
  • Flavors – Rodeo Drive (American tobacco), Bombshell (rich tobacco), Fresh Mint, Cool Mint, Strawberry Champagne and Passion fruit
  • Nicotine Strengths – Full (1.8%), Medium (1.2%) Light (0.6%), Zero (0%)
  • Battery Colors – White VC Signature Pattern, Rose Gold, Platinum, and Deep Metallic Purple
  • Jewel Tips – All batteries will come with sparkling jewel tips!
  • Accessories – Custom leather wristlets, Attractive hard cases, Lanyards, Charms and Jewelry that carry extra cartridges on-the-go

When is the Release Date?

Although the official release date has been somewhat of a moving target, their latest advertisement shows July 2012. When in July? We don’t know. I’ve heard they are shooting for July 16th. Either way, check back and we will be sure to let you know.

Vapor Couture

Are you going to try one when they are released? Have any other rumors or insight? Share in our comments!

User Reviews

3 User Reviews for “Vapor Couture » Our Exclusive Sneak Peak…”
  1. Cynsonya

    I smoked 2+ packs of Marlboro’s a day for 23 years. The day I received my V2 kit I threw them out and have been smoke free ever since. I tried every product on the market to quit smoking for over 10 years. V2 is AMAZING imho. If it worked for me, it can work for anyone! I fell V2 has literally saved my life.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment Cynsonya! I never get tired of hearing stories like yours :)

  3. Joyfulrivera

    I know cynsonya from v2′s forum! great group of people and very knowledgeable and helpful! very interested in trying a vapour couture pv when they do eventually come out! I really hope we can buy the single batteries though. thank you for the great sneak peak!

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