V2 Cigs Launches Clearance Section

V2 Cigs recently launched their new E Cigarette Clearance section.  Since V2 Cigs is our #1 ranked e cigarette brand, this is great news!  You can now order e cig cartridges and other e cig products at a huge discount.  The best part is you can still apply our coupon code, “SMOKELESS“, to get even bigger savings!

V2 Cigs Clearance

Most items in the V2 Clearance section are just overstocked items, with no defects.  There are a few products that have a slight defect, but still within V2 Cigs 5% quality tolerance, which is fine by me!

Check it out now to buy e cigarette cartridges at up to 53% off! These products are overstocked, going off the market, slightly defective (but still within 5% of V2 Cigs quality standards).

Click here to visit the V2 Cigs Website!

If you haven’t tried a V2 Cigs e cigarette, click here to read our detailed V2 Cigs review and learn more about our #1 ranked electronic cigarette brand.

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