Top 7 Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

An increasing number of tobacco smokers are now becoming more aware of the benefits of using electronic cigarettes. It is well established that smoking tobacco products is generally a bad habit as the act itself introduces a whole lot of harmful chemicals to the human body.

There are approximately 2000 harmful chemicals in a single tobacco cigarette stick. These poisonous chemicals are known to be major contributors to the development of deadly and debilitating diseases. Moreover chronic tobacco smoking is linked to the development of different types of cancer.

There are undoubtedly many health risks that are associated with cigarette smoking. This is probably one of the major causes why more people are switching to electronic cigarette use. Electronic cigarette devices are classified under various product categories. This is for the reason that different countries have various takes and opinions about the function and use of electronic cigarettes.

In the United States, an electronic cigarette is known to be a drug delivery device rather than a tobacco product. In Canada it is simply known as an electronic smoking product.

Clearly there are still many doubts and apprehensions when it comes to electronic cigarette utilization. Despite all this, it cannot be denied that electronic cigarettes bring about certain benefits to tobacco smokers who made an effort to switch to electronic cigarette use. Although there’s still no solid evidence that point to the absolute safety of electronic cigarettes, it is considered by many as an ideal smoking device as tobacco and tar is eliminated from the equation.

Here are a few of the many benefits that are associated with electronic cigarette use.  For even more advantages, read our top ranked e cigarette reviews to see what other people are saying about e cigarettes.

1. No more Ash or Cigarette Butts

A large percentage of chronic tobacco smokers are known to be at high risk of developing respiratory infections and diseases. The harmful chemicals that are being produced when tobacco is being burned during the process of smoking are identified as detrimental to health.

Carcinogens are known as by-products of tobacco smoking. Long-time smokers unfortunately develop emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases that are brought about by regular and frequent tobacco use. These medical conditions, sadly, are irreversible.

With the use of an electronic cigarette as a substitute to tobacco smoking, smokers can be comforted with the fact that new nicotine replacement devices do not carry any ash and tar as their main components. Since tobacco and tar are known to be the major culprits of chronic respiratory disease development, the non-utilization of the following substances greatly help in reducing one’s risk of developing painful respiratory symptoms.

2. Whiter Teeth

Chronic tobacco use damages the teeth and gums in many ways than one. Yellow discoloration of the teeth is most often associated with tar and nicotine accumulation. In addition, the incidence of dental cavities is more prevalent among smokers too. Bad breath is also an unpleasant side effect of long term smoking of tobacco products.

Instead of spending regularly on teeth cleaning and other dental services, buying an electronic cigarette is a more economical option. You are guaranteed to get that nicotine fix without having to suffer dental problems at all.

3. Smoke More Freely

Studies have shown that second-hand smokers or passive smokers are more likely to develop respiratory diseases than individuals who actually smoke tobacco. By switching to electronic cigarette use, a smoker is not only protecting himself from various diseases that may result in tobacco smoking but also ensure that family and loved ones around him or her are kept safe from tobacco-related illnesses as well.

4. No Social Stigmas

Smokeless cigarette smoking is perceived as less annoying and irritating to smokers and non-smokers alike. Even tobacco users develop irritation from the smoke that is emitted by burning tobacco. Since e cigarettes only produce vapor and not smoke, the production of noxious gas or smoke is eliminated altogether.

5. No Smoker’s Breath

Smoking electronic cigarettes does not produce any unpleasant smoky odor. Non-smokers and even smokers are most often irritated with the bad smell that smoke normally leaves on fabrics and even on one’s breath. Since there is no tobacco ingredients burned when a person utilizes electronic cigarette, you can virtually smoke anywhere you like.

6. Cheaper Than Cigarettes

Investing on electronic cigarettes is far cheaper than purchasing tobacco regularly. A single cartridge or cartomizer is equal to one pack of tobacco cigarettes. Just imagine the savings that a smoker can make if tobacco smoking is ditched altogether and is replaced by cost-efficient electronic cigarette use.

7. No Flame or Fire

It is known that tobacco smoking can lead to unexpected fire accidents. Improper disposal of lighted cigarettes can cause substantial damage to one’s private property. You will most surely be safe from fire accidents if you decide to switch to using electronic cigarettes instead. Utilizing such a product does not require smokers to light it up with fire. The atomizer generates energy from the battery to convert liquid smoke into vapor. Since there is no lighting or fire involved in the process, the risk of unnecessary fire accidents is successfully reduced to zero.

Why Switch To Electronic Cigarettes?

It is but a wise decision to switch from tobacco use to electronic cigarette use. Scientific studies have shown that tobacco users who are successful in treating their nicotine addiction lead longer and healthier lives than those who decided to stick to regular tobacco use. It cannot be denied that with all the above mentioned benefits, replacing tobacco use to that of electronic cigarette smoking is the healthier and more advantageous option between the two.

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