The Safe Cig Micro Giveaway October 2011

Our October 2011 e cigarette giveaway is over, but we have another great giveaway for you this month! Please visit our latest e cigarette giveaway page here for your chance to win!

If you are interested in The Safe Cig Micro, read our Safe Cig Review or visit the Safe Cig official website,, and use coupon code “SMOKELESS” for 5% off!

If you are interested in electronic cigarettes, read our detailed e cigarette reviews for more information.

**Note: Our October 2011 Giveaway has ended.

That’s right, we have another great electronic cigarette giveaway for you!  This month, we here at Smokeless E Cigarette Reviews have partnered with The Safe Cig to offer you a chance to win an Safe Cig Micro kit and an extra 7-pack of cartridges.  If you haven’t tried this new product, now is your chance!  It’s release has generated a lot of interest and I have heard nothing but stellar reviews so far.

Some of the New Safe Cig Micro features include:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Smoother Vapor Draw
  • Advanced Air Flow
  • Cigarette Sized

The Prize: Safe Cig Micro pack + Extra 7-pack cartridges (valued at over $75!)

The Safe Cig Micro Giveaway

How do you enter? It’s easy, just follow these 3 steps…

Leave a Comment on this Post (+1 entry)

Leave a comment at the bottom of this page telling us how you found out about this giveaway!  If someone referred you, say who it was and they will get +2 entries.

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Bonus (+Unlimited entries)

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  • Got another idea?  Go for it!  Leave a comment to get credit for your entry!

Safe Cig Micro Testimonials

See what other people think about Safe Cig’s latest product line.

Can’t Wait?

We don’t blame you. Visit The Safe Cig website here, and use coupon code “SMOKELESS” for 5% off everything in the store. If you would like to learn even more, read our full Safe Cig review.

Keep it Smokeless,

-Zach S.

Winner will be drawn on November 1st.  You must be at least 18 years old to qualify.

User Reviews

49 User Reviews for “The Safe Cig Micro Giveaway October 2011”
  1. Marilyn Wons

    I found out about this giveaway on online-sweepstakes. I would love to try this!

  2. ryan minton

    found out about this through online-sweepstakes. Always wanted to try these!:)

  3. James Murphy

    I need to quit smoking so bad :( I found this on OLS!!!

  4. Sue Oxley

    I found this on my facebook wall.

  5. Debra Barry

    I found this on OLS. I really need to try this.

  6. Robert Pyszk

    My friend told me about this giveaway but he is not going to enter.

    Thank you for the great contest!

    Happyskunky at yahoo dot com

  7. Robert Pyszk!/happyskunky/status/120334123289161728 is my tweet on twitter.

  8. Robert Pyszk

    I liked you on facebook

  9. Matt Ferrell

    I found you through a google search.

    animasou @ comcast . net

  10. Crystal M

    Googled giveaways for october 2011 and seen link.

  11. I actually sought this one out through Google, because I want an e-cigarette, but clearly, a single mom of 2 under 5, husband left us and remarried, broke my knee, had to quit job, moved home and van overheated ONCE and was dead forever, no car, living with parents and 2 small children…I can barely afford diapers, let alone smokes (people turn off their porch lights when they see the bummer coming ’round), let alone the larger investment in an e-cigarette. I want one, want one, want one.

    So I have done all but twitter, because I’m not a twitterer. I +1′d you on igoogle, I liked you on FB, I sent emails out, even to people who don’t smoke or who I don’t really know well enough to email. I did all I could because I want one.

    Hope you’ll just drop it all and send one my way. Here’s why, and I’m not pity-partying (that goes for above too), just stating what’s up in my world. I have not, since my husband left, gotten anything for myself, except for a few things this summer at yard sales, totaling maybe $2, so I would have a few things to wear that might fit, and I did buy myself a mood ring at the dollar store, but I don’t think it works because it’s always black. I would really feel saner, happier, and maybe even lucky if I could just be the girl who gets a GreenSmoke given to her.

    And I seriously love your case. The black, the green…green’s my favorite color. And if I had more green in my life, I would just buy a kit from you.

    Wishin’, and hopin’, and thinkin’, and prayin’,

    Thank you.

  12. By the way, I have tried friends’ e-cigarettes. I do see myself loving my own. However, while I’ve heard and read for myself only terrific things about your e-cig.

    Where I live, e-cigarettes aren’t common yet. There’s a kiosk at the mall, and you can get disposables for about $20 at a gas station possibly, and there is a tobacco place that sells NicoTek, which is what people are buying because it’s more affordable than the mall kiosk. There’s also a vapor shop, very chic little place, but they do not sell anything with nicotine. It’s literally like a health store. I want nicotine in my smoke, right?

    So, have I mentioned at all, ever, that I really hope I win?

    Thank you. Again!

  13. Dana Colley

    I found you through a google search. I tried a cheap version this weekend and I enjoyed it as much if not more than a real cigerette! Hope I win!

  14. Rodney Williams

    Got this in an email and would like to give it a shot.

  15. received an email from Smokeless E Cigarette Reviews

  16. I would love to try this, it would be perfect around my daughter!!

  17. Louise P.

    I am already on your email list, and I would love to win this to help introduce another friend to vaping!! :)

  18. I would love to win!!! I have not had a analog in 7 months and would love to try this one out!!!

  19. James Day

    I learned of this giveaway via a direct email from Smokeless E-Cigarette Reviews. – Thanks for sending it! – Not very long ago, I ordered a started pack from SafeCigs and have enjoyed it so far. – Just my luck, the Micros became available only a week later! – I would love to be chosen to win the Micro Starter Pack; I would donate the full-size e-cigs to a friend who wants to quit, but cannot afford to order at this time.

  20. I received an e-mail about this giveaway. I have not been using my e-cigs lately because they just don’t feel right. They are bigger and heavier than my tobacco smokes. This might be just what I need to finally quit tobacco.

  21. Zach at Smokeless E Cigarette Reviews informed me about this giveaway. I’ve tried several ecigs and am anxious to try Safe Cigs.

  22. Iwas sent an email and i almost fell out of my chair i have been wanting to get an e cig for a while now but cant afford it i need to quit smoking asap i wanna plan for children.

  23. Crystal M

    received an email from Smokeless E Cigarette Reviews

  24. Jutta Owens

    I was a pack and halve a day smoker. Four month ago I started with the e-cigarettes and have not had the urge to smoke. I have my e-cigartette after my coffee in the morning and when I talk on the phone, just like I did when I smoked. Thanks you for the e- cigarettes, I can do my 7 mile walk in the mornings with my dog and not being out of breath any more.

  25. Ryan Harris

    I need to try this e-cig. I previously quit for 3 months and spent 500 dollars on e cigarette supplies and parts. All the parts and supplies were stolen in my move and in the mix of it all I started smoking again. I need this to help me and my life.

  26. Robin Quick

    Found on blog with mom giveaway linky

    mnrquick at yahoo dot com

  27. Nicholas CAUSBY


  28. Found on Google

  29. Send it my way. :D

  30. Oh, and I found this by searching Google for “the safe cig micro coupon”

  31. Thanks for all your entries! Don’t forget, you can get extra bonus entries if you get a friend to enter. Just leave a comment to let me know!

  32. found on FB

  33. google +

  34. left comment on FB (carole c)

  35. tweeted!/gram122/status/129030008147681280

  36. email subscriber

  37. heard about this on a forum. Worth a shot.

  38. i currenly use the safe cig starter pro kit i like safe cig but i dont like the orginal flavors i want to try the mico kit for they have more flavors to choose from i hope i win the mico for i fell like i wasted my money with the starter pro kit sorry guys had to re post for my spelling was a little off on frist post also posted on facebook

  39. Judy Segars

    I was just looking around on internet looking for compatible ecigs.I got v2cigs for a birthday gift. V2 is only exigencies I ever tried so wanted to check out other ecigs. Woud love to win and and give this a try.thanks

  40. Deborah Goode-Bond

    Just looking and comparing e cig companies. I need to release myself from this ball and chain I’ve been dragging around with me for way to long. A friend did it this way…so far with success. Maybe it will be my lucky day!

  41. I found the giveaway through a giveaway list site. I’d love to win for my husband who is struggling to quit right now.

  42. Liked on FB~

  43. Liked and shared on twitter~ as athenarayx3

  44. Joined the email list~

  45. I’m a V2Cig smoker and am moderately satisfied. There are so many kinds of ecigs I guess I could keep buying until I’ve found the “perfect” one.

    Would love to win this and then would have a wonderful comparison w/o the expense of buying another brand and maybe even having to send it back if it’s not good.

  46. Gracie L.

    I have never tried these, but I want to. breezyinaz at gmail dot com

  47. Amy Brown Whitley

    I discovered it from a blog linky at

    amybrown16 (at) insightbb (dot) com

  48. Amy Brown Whitley

    1. Left a comment on this post on how I
    discovered this giveaway

    2. I liked and left a comment on your FB page as
    Amy Brown Whitley

    3. I Google +1 this post

    4. I followed you on twitter and tweeted
    as amybee3

    5. I subscribed via email

    Thank you.

  49. Sue Oxley

    I found out about this through Smokeless E Cigarette Reviews web site. I am always looking for another e-cig to try.

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