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2 User Reviews for “Tax Day Sale » 12% Green Smoke Sitewide Discount!”
  1. I have been a cigarette smoker for the past 35 years. About a pack a day smoker. I have said I have the want to quit smoking but I just did not have the will. Well by chance I was at a Walgreens and saw they were selling e-cigs (disposable type Blu) I went ahead and bought one and was very surprised how much they had advanced in the past few years. You see I did buy a cheap starter kit from a gas station (21st Century) a couple of years ago. Kit was pretty bad compared to the disposable I purchased. Volume of vapor, throat hit, flavor etc was just terrible and really just would not convince me to make the switch. So I got on the Net and did some serious research on E-Cigs. Well by what I saw on the reviews and testimonials. GREEN SMOKE was tops by far. Well with the help of a 15% off coupon I made the purchase of one of there starter kits. Imrecieved my kit in about 4 days and started using them. Very simple process out of the box. Well about two weeks later and have smoked only two real cigerettes, I would have to say its doing what these products are marketed to do, and that’s help cut back or quit smoking all together. There has been no real withdrawl from the cigarettes, and have found it to help me stay off them. My suggestion is give it a chance. It does require some getting used to. By know means are these E-cigs like a real cigarette. Yes they do a good job of emulating a cigarette. But the reall addiction is the Nicatine. And GREEN SMOKE does a great job of offering a verity of favors and strengths. So you can chose for yourself what will work. Listen there are bunch of scams and gimmicks out there, do your home work. My experience with GREEN SMOKE has been a pleasant one, and would recommend them.

  2. I just ordered my strtaer pack yesterday!!! I cannot wait! I researched other companies but the were the only ones that seem the safest. No carcinogens, no tar, no cancer causing agents. Also people have stated over and over that they are the closest to the real thing when it comes to the flavor and feel. Between my husband and I (he smokes two packs a day and I smoke about a 1/2) we spend over 500 a month! With these we will be spending a little over a 100!! What a huge difference. Not only will we be saving a crap load of money we no longer will smell like a dirty ashtray, not have to worry about getting cancer that is a huge plus. Good luck and I hope you will enjoy your care-free cigarettes!!

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