South Beach Smoke Review

South Beach Smoke Review

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Price: $29.99
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Delivery Time: 24-72 hours
Flavors: 5
Nicotine Levels: 4

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South Beach Smoke offers electronic cigarettes with both a high quality two-piece design (Deluxe) and a cheaper three-piece design (Premium).  If you’re serious about switching to e-cigs, we recommend the Deluxe two-piece starter kits. The two-piece option is much easier to use and with each cartridge includes an all-in-one atomizing chamber. To put it simply, this helps keep the vapor fresh and tasty and improves the overall vaping experience. You will notice all the popular brands using this design since you don’t have to worry about a potential mess or replacement atomizers.

Another benefit of the Deluxe model is the compatibility with the new long lasting SuperMax battery. On top of this, each Deluxe cartridge is the equivalent of about 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes while the Premium cartridges are only equivalent to about 1 pack of traditional cigarettes.

The South Beach Smoke brand is a little newer than some of the others, but they are unique and as a result have quickly grown in popularity. Why? Well, South Beach Smoke gets a lot of press because of their acceptance among celebrities. In fact, a recent press release states that ex-smoking stars like Mel Gibson, Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton, and Justin Timberlake have all be linked to electronic cigarettes.

NEW! South Beach Smoke SuperMax Battery!
South Beach Smoke has just released their new rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It’s powerful, looks good, and has some great features:

  • Signature crystal w/ Orange LED!
  • Standard or High Capacity!
  • Black or White!
  • Manual or Automatic!

This is now standard with all Deluxe Starter Kits » Click here to read more!

Another perk when ordering from South Beach Smoke is their optional Home Delivery Program (HDP).  After purchasing a starter kit or cartridges, you will be asked if you would like to sign up for this program. We recommend it for several reasons. 1) You will save money immediately on whatever was in your cart when you checked out. 2) You will save 20% on all future cartridge refills. 3) You will get special offers and sales only valid for South Beach Smoke members. 4) You will be eligible for a lifetime warranty on batteries.

Best of all is the convenience the Home Delivery Program offers. If you’re like a lot of people, you get busy and may forget to order cartridges when you’re need them most. When you’re part of the HDP program, just choose how how often and how many cartridges you want delivered. South Beach Smoke will take care of the rest. It’s easy to see why 97% of South Beach Smoke customers enroll in the HDP.

Recently, South Beach Smoke slashed their prices on cartridges. Although their HDP member pricing is not advertised on the website, right now Deluxe Cartridges are only $1.99 each and Premium Cartridges are only $1.75 each. With a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee you can order the product and return it for a full refund within 30 days of ordering.

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South Beach Starter Kits

  • Deluxe Starter Kit – $59.99 or only $47.99 when you enroll in the Home Delivery Program - Includes 1 Battery, 1 Extra-Capacity Battery, 1 Wall Charger and 5 Nicotine Flavor Cartridges/Atomizers.
  • Deluxe Plus Starter Kit – Most Popular! – $104.99 or only $83.99 when you enroll in the Home Delivery Program - Includes 1 Battery, 1 Extra-Capacity Battery, 1 Wall Charger, 1 USB Charger, 1 Car Adapter, 1 Carrying Case and 5 Nicotine Flavor Cartridges/Atomizers.
  • Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit – Recommended! – $159.99 or only $127.99 when you enroll in the Home Delivery Program - Includes 1 Battery, 1 Extra-Capacity Battery, 1 Personal Charging Case, 1 Wall Charger, 1 USB Charger, 1 Car Adapter, 1 Carrying Case and 15 Nicotine Flavor Cartridges/Atomizers.
  • Premium Starter Kit – $29.99 or only $23.99 when you enroll in the Home Delivery Program - Includes 1 Battery, 1 Atomizer (creates the vapor), 1 Wall Charger and 6 Nicotine Flavor Cartridges.
  • Premium Plus Starter Kit – $74.99 or only $59.99 when you enroll in the Home Delivery Program - Includes 1 Battery, 1 Atomizer (creates the vapor), 1 Wall Charger, 1 USB Charger, 1 Car Adapter, 1 Carrying Case and 6 Nicotine Flavor Cartridges.

Note: All prices are shown without our Exclusive 10% off discount!

South Beach Smoke will no longer display a coupon code on the check-out page, so please ensure you click here to automatically add our 10% discount into your cart.


  • South Beach Smoke offers cartridges in 5 different flavors with 4 different nicotine levels including zero nicotine!
  • Cartridge Flavors – Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Chocolate and Cherry
  • Nicotine Levels – 16mg, 12mg, 6mg, 0mg
  • Deluxe cartridges – $39.99 for 15 cartridges - equivalent of 1.5 packs of cigarettes
  • Premium cartridges – $34.99 for 15 cartridges – equivalent of 1 pack of cigarettes
  • Save more when you enroll in the HDP program!


  • All replacement batteries are FREE FOR LIFE when you are a member of South Beach Smoke’s Home Delivery Program
  • Premium Batteries – $19.99 – will last about 300-400 puffs
  • Deluxe SuperMAX Standard Batteries – $24.99 – will last about 300-400 puffs
  • Deluxe SuperMAX High Capacity Batteries - New! – $29.99 – will last 500-600 puffs


  • Deluxe Personal Charging Case – NEW! – $49.99
  • Universal Carrying Case – $17.99


  • South Beach Smoke offers a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty for Home Delivery Program Members

Visit the South Beach Smoke Website for more information or to make a purchase.

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Overall Rating

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Delivery Time:
24-72 hours

E Cigarette ReviewsSouth Beach Smoke Review

Overall Rating

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Reader Discount:
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Delivery Time:
24-72 hours

User Reviews

64 User Reviews for “South Beach Smoke Review”
  1. Belinda

    This is my favorite e-cigarette brand. After all, you can’t beat a 30 day money back guarantee or a lifetime replacement warranty! They get my votes for that!

  2. Rating

    When this south beach e cig works, it’s a great product. At least 50% of the time the cartridges are duds, and do not work. Very frustrating. Never sure why it’s not working, battery or cartridge. I just purchased a different brand to try. I still haven’t had a “real” cig in 5 days though after 35 years of smoking! They have good customer service!

  3. Sue Oxley

    This was the ecig that I tried first and it worked for me. A good tobacco flavor and a lot of vapor. Got to have extra batteries because they take 3-4 hours to charge. Customer Service is the best.

  4. Rating

    this is my go to brand customer service is great
    battery life good have not had problems with carts but on the auto ship program make sure you order enough and having to buy at 15 cart increments can get pricey have found that carts and battery are interchangeable with Krave 1000 refills and battery have Krave at local smoke shop and price is same as south beach so supplement my supply of carts with them. still south beach has lifetime replacement while on the auto ship program so worth staying with them

  5. Rating

    I have never tried this brand but I have talked to others who have and they say it is the best. I’d really like to try it myself!

  6. Rating

    update from my previous post,
    my last 2 auto ship carts have had problems first time out of stock so shipment was delayed 2 days when i called customer service they said had sent e mail about delay but never got e mail second time got carts on time but not the kind i ordered got letter in shipment saying out of stock for about a week so they sent me similar carts do not know what they sent me but they are not close to the quality or taste of what i get and its not like i am getting special flavor just regular tobacco
    south beach says they will ship my carts when they get stock in about a week so carts i did get will be no charge will update post if they do not keep this promise
    next issue was battery replacement first battery from kit i got in november died after about three months south beach offered free replacement asked for same kind i had white auto but got sent black manual the second battery just died called again and was offered free replacement will update if they do not get right again
    so overall my experience has been a mixed bag over the last four months customer service has allways been very nice but i think south beach smoke is going through some growing pains the product they offer is very good but you might have some bumpy road to travel if you chose them for your e cig provider i have learned to have a back up provider just in case! I would still recomend them as they seem to care about the product quality and customer service

  7. Rating

    I had a hard time deciding where to buy from. The reviews really vary from site to site. I went with South Beach Smoke. I made the right decision, the price was good and the product is great.
    It came with 2 batteries (cigarettes), there is a lot of vapor and it tastes good (got the cherry 16mg). The cartridges are packaged well each end has a plastic cap on it to keep it sealed/fresh.
    All the components seem to be made well and it LED is very cool. Even my wife thought it looked very realistic. Very happy with the purchase, my second choice would have been Green Smoke, their reviews were good too.

  8. Rating

    The product is amazing! I’ve smoked for over 20 years and with this product I no longer want an actual cigarette. The product itself – 5 star.

  9. Rating

    I have been using SB for 3 months now with mixed reviews. The batteries, chargers, and electronic devices are great. Batteries are excellent and last quite a while. I have issues with the tobacco favors. I have been using the 16 MG tobacco cartridges. The favor has not been the same since the initial start packs I received. I have purchased monthly supplies since December and even had a free set of 3 cartridges sent to me. I have been using another brand and the favor is much more satisfying.

  10. Rating

    I give them 5 stars …. 1. A lot of vapor 2. Mint flavor is very good 3. Costumer service is exellent 4. Battery last long and 5. I just love it.

  11. Rating

    I love it when I stumble across a product with a company behind them that has it all together. I love my South beach smokes e-cigarettes, I love the flavors, I love saving money, and I love that their customer service reps are so thorough in their knowledge. When I called, before purchasing, I was greeted with an actual person, who knew what they were talking about. Even as a satisfied customer for a long time, I never feel hesitant to call them if I ever have something specific to ask about. They make being a customer very easy!

  12. Alex Gardner

    I tried most of the other e-cig brands out there, but never could find a brand that really had good flavors. I’ve smoked for a long time, both traditional cigarettes
    as well as cigars, and really love a strong tobacco taste. I wanted to stop smoking because of how unhealthy smoke is, but really wanted an e-cigarette that could match up to the real thing. Come in South Beach Smoke. For everday smoking, their “tobacco” flavor rocks, and when I crave the richness of a cigar, their “chocolate” flavor is perfect. I can’t say enough great things about this company.

  13. Kay Arslan

    The accessories are really great additions to a basic setup. I keep the USB charger at my office no matter what. The car charger obviously stays in the car, and the Personal Charging Case is always in my purse. I love the freedom I have e-cigs, I can enjoy them everywhere and be ready at a moment’s notice. I was a heavy smoker,and hopefully one day I will be able to quit. In the meantime, South Beach Smoke makes my life wonderful!

  14. Brian Seacole

    I did not think anything could ever come along and change the way that people smoke. I never thought something electronic could do it either, considering tobacco has been smoked for thousands of years. My cigarette habit went on for 8 years, after having started in college. I tried South Beach smoke e-cigarettes after a friend told me he had great success with them. I kept an open mind, and was quite surprised how powerful they are. The nicotine is just the same as in ordinary cigarettes, and the flavor is even better. My experience with these has been great, and I hope other smokers do themselves the same favor and go smokeless!

  15. Martín Moreno

    I am a very happy South Beach Smoke customer! I have lessened my nicotine so much, and the control I have is fantastic. I used to smoke 2 packs a day, and needed to change desperately. When I heard of e-cigarettes, everyone kept saying South Beach Smoke is the best out there. I did some research, and got a basic starter kit. Happy to say, I have not had a cigarette since, and I look forward to quitting entirely in the future!

  16. Harry Mount

    I have used both of South Beach Smoke’s e-cig models- the Premium and the Deluxe. I started with the Premium because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money right off the bat. I loved it so much, I felt that the Deluxe would be even better because of it’s upgrades. So, my next purchase was a Deluxe starter kit. I love all of my SBS products, and the experience has been great. I still use both models, but feel that the Deluxe is worth the extra cost!

  17. Rating

    The vapor is massive on these things! South Beach Smoke has a really great design scheme, and they know how to please! Having good flavor and good vapor are the most important parts of e-cig success, and SBS has a really great system. Great customer service and customer happiness are also huge- and I love being a part of their family!

  18. Rating

    My cigarette habit was costing me $200 every month, and I was so annoyed paying that much for something that was so bad for me. I was anxious to try e-cigarettes, and am in love with SBS! Instead of smoking, I now vape, and pretty often too I like that I have cut my costs in half, and am smoke free! If you have any questions, call them! Their people are so friendly, and will answer all of your questions. Such a great product and great prices!

  19. Carlos Nuzman

    South Beach Smoke is incomparable when it comes to their level of vapor. It is really the best! I love the way it feels from the minute it hits my mouth, into my throat. It’s so fresh, and never dirty like smoke. Their tobacco flavors are really nice, and I think my favorite has to be the Tobacco Gold. What a wonderful difference from tobacco!

  20. Jason Burt

    I needed the convenience of e-cigarettes for work because cigarettes are really problematic. Most of my coworkers who smoked cigarettes have switched to electronics, and I heard from a few people that South Beach Smoke had the best ones. I decided to take a chance on a starter kit, and if I ended up not liking it I could always send it back within the 30-day period. Well, turns out that I ended up loving it, and have been really pleased with the way my SBS e-cigs work and make me feel! So much better than smoke!

  21. Henry Winter

    I gave a South Beach Smoke starter kit to my wife as a gift. She was so happy, she has wanted to try e-cigarettes for a while. She has had a really good experience with them, and she ditched her cigarettes fast once she got the hang of vaping. Before I ordered it, I called them up just to ask some specific questions I had. I don’t smoke, so I wanted to make sure I was giving my wife the best. I am so happy that she is now smoke free!

  22. Rating

    I work in retail and there is no ability for me to get outside and smoke whenever I want except really during lunch breaks, in which I really have to concentrate on eating. E-cigs are way more easy to use, and I can keep mine in my pocket, and whenever I need to I can puff in the break room with ease. Just a puff or two, and I can get back to my job, and not be concerned about how I smell, or if customers saw me puffing, or if my boss is getting aggravated by my cigarette usage. South Beach
    Smoke is my brand choice, after trying several others. I like the consistency of the products, and how well it performs. The vapor is the biggest I have come across.
    The customer service department is very friendly and quick to help. I am really satisfied, and have even gotten several friends to use them too!

  23. Jo Shorey

    You really have no idea how good it feels to be smoke free until you do it. I did not realize how bad my cigarette habit was until I got off of them. Switching with South beach Smoke was very easy, and smoothly. I didn’t have the cravings and yearnings I had when I quit cold turkey a few times. I also love that I didn’t have to give up my love of the nicotine, either. I love all the nice flavors, I think they are way more tasty than cigarettes were!

  24. Steve Cohen

    I love South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes! I have been using them for over a year, and have always had a really good time with them. I really love the way they always update them, and evolve the technology. It really shows in the performance all the effort that goes into making them. Throat hit is really good, and the flavors are too.

  25. Larry Bucshon

    South Beach Smoke e-cigs are just wonderful! I have tried others, like these best of all. I was able to quit using cigarettes with these really quickly, and the best thing is that I still get to have my nicotine! My breathing is way better, and I have no problems taking big deep breaths anymore. I love that I can smoke/ vape anywhere, too. Best thing I have done for myself in a long time!

  26. Tom Bott

    South Beach Smoke was not the first e-cigarette brand I tried; far from it! I used a few others and all were just mediocre at best. I tried them after reading different reviews, and felt it was worth it to at least try them. The products looked great on the website, and I really loved the videos that have available because it is wonderful to actually see what the product you are buying can do. Just like they claim, and the video portrays, the vapor is so huge! The feeling they give is really nice too. I was entirely surprised, and so happy I took a chance on this brand!

  27. Elvira Granitto

    I smoked pretty heavily, and was really intimidated to quit smoking . My dad got me a starter kit, the basic one from South beach Smoke because he had heard that it was a pretty legit way to have a better gauge of your nicotine/ smoking habit. I was so happy he did, and I couldn’t wait to try it. It’s really easy to use, and they feel so good. Very awesome way to have nicotine!

  28. Winifred Beckmann

    My South Beach Smoke e-cigs are wonderful, and the way they came into my life was pretty cool. My roommate was really annoyed by my cigarettes. She knew when I moved in that I smoke, but she was not thrilled that I am a heavy smoker, and still always smelled like cigarettes. I have to say, she is a pretty awesome roommate because she gave me a starter kit from South Beach Smoke recently. You know, the selfless kind of gift that benefits both os us? I was really appreciative, because I mean, it is her place, and she could have kicked me out due to our differences so anyway, I felt so thankful I had to at least give it a proper test drive. THEY R AWESOME!!!!!!!! They are really great, very easy, and just enjoyable so glad to have gone electronic!

  29. Dave Liversidge

    I am really happy as a South Beach Smoke customer. Love the affordability on such fine e-cigarettes. No nonsense from the company, they are just straight up about everything. Love my e-cigs, love doing business with them. Tobacco is comletely in my past now!
    I started with South Beach Smoke at the beginning of the year, and I was so happy to have a good way to quit smoking. I was kinda turned off at first cuz they had crazy issues with backups and sellin out of products real fast, but it all works out cuz they took care of everything. Once they got it all straightened out, things have been smooth sailin. I love the products, and thye go real fast with shipping. If you got any questions, jsut call them. One thing I have learned is that it doesn’t pay to just quit, and I am glad I stuck it out with South Beach Smoke. I don’t use cigarettes any more, and am enjoying every minute!

  30. Robert Huth

    I am in love with my personal charging pack and all of south beach smoke e-cigarettes!! Better than smoke, and I just feel so much better since I have gottena way from tobacco. I like to puff pretty much all day, but I like that I can just have a puff or 2 and be done and not chain-smoking like i did with cigarettes. I like the different products, and the different chargers that keep me ready. the price for refill cartridges is very good, and i have saved boatload of money! My car and house doesn’t stink anymore, too. These are so good in so many ways!

  31. Nicola Heaton

    It sure is nice not smelling like cigarettes anymore. It is not attractive, and let me tell you- the BF made sure I knew about it! So, thanks South Beach Smoke, for helping me get beyond that! Vapor cigarettes like these are really cool- love that I am able to use it wherever. I choce this brand when i started out because of all the good ratings glad I did b/c they are fantastic. I like the way they are taste, and the feeling I get- it really is relaxing/ calming, and the no-mess (like cigarettes) is a really nice thing. Vapor comes out big and strong, with great flavor. It has been a great experience!

  32. Kevin Attardo

    For my first experience with e-cigarettes, I am very happy that I went with sbs. It was great, and now that I know what I am doing, things are even better. The vapor is exactly what I wanted, its kinda like smoke in most ways and I really enjoy that it doesnt burn on the way down. it has a very strong throat hit and i don’t have to suck like crazy on the mouth piece to get a good hit. I tried other brands after wards just b/c i was able to as i have friends who are also into vaping, and in
    comparing, my SBS’s have way better vapor production.

  33. John Benedetto

    Excellent in every way. My SBS e-cigs are just the best, I switched from Blue about a month ago and just the fact that they taste like real cigs and have great running time does it for me! These SuperMax batteries are incredible- just that it can go all day long without any problems is very convenient/ I also like that they are more realistic looking- orange light, white paper battery. As for the company itself, very good too- very fair prices and they run specials all the time for people on the delivery program. I haven’t had a single problem and they are really nice to deal with.

  34. Michael Haldenstein

    I don’t have a problem with PG being in my e-cigarettes but some brands- v2 in particular, overdo it. It makes me feel sick and it irritate smy throat like crazy. From the brands I have experience in using I like south beach smoke the best, and from experience they have a great balance with their ingredients/ PG. they have amazing vapor production, its jusst enormous! just one issue: i wish the full strength carts were stronger, but i can deal. i love everything else!

  35. Kevin Hilliard

    South Beach Smoke is great, great design and better than others I have used, and these cost less. I love the cases and really recommend them, really necessary for storing everything. I also am really big on the charging case and this thing charges batteries and does not need charging itself for a while too. I am very happy with the vapor and really like the option of switches- manual is my preferred one for the bigger vapor. Great assortment of flavors too and the money back guarantee during the first 30 days is very nice backup.

  36. Wayne Errington

    The shipping is SOOOOO fast! I love that about South Beach. They process orders/ ship out really fast and they service they use is always really on time. I like not having to wait on my stuff! Great customer service also- very nice people on the phone or by email- they respond quickly, dont haggle around. My e-cigs are excellent- very well made- not junk like so many of the other models on the market. I like the different switches, i use both but like the auto best. The throat hit is really good. The assortment of flavors is good, its nice to have choices. My favorites are peach and classic tobacco. All around very good brand, love using the products. Really, rally, really happy to be a part of SBS

  37. Vincent Honnold

    so I am happy with everything- and I enjoy vaping w/ my e-smokes from SBS more than I did w/ cigarettes for sure. I do not have a guilt conscience too, b/c I was always paranoid b/c tobacco is so unhealthy. what i think is best about them is that they come as close a to a cigarette as possible w/o all of the side effects and scary stuff. i like that the ingredients are all available so you know what you are getting. They save me a lot of money and the people at the company are always nice and patient on the phone. What else could I ask for? Nothing! May be if they were free…!!!

  38. Pat Gallagher

    south beach smoke is incredible. The best thing I have ever tried to help substitute for cigarettes. I started out using just straight classic tobacco flavor carts but eventualy got adventurous enough to give the others a go here and there,and havent been disappointed in the least. they have a great selection in everything and can really work for any smoker i think. ive used them daily for about 5 or 6 months and have traveled with them too, it s so much better and more convenient! i will
    definitely never be going bck to cigarettes after this.

  39. Jackie Jones

    I love south beach smoke- been a customer a long time- almost a year! They got a great selection of everything. Always good about shipping and very affordable too, esp. in the long term. The one product that stands out the most to me is the personal charger case. this thing is awesome!!! mine did not come in my starter kit- i bought it after a few months of using this brand for e-cigs. and it came with 2 additional chargers, which was awesome- so i can charge it from the computer or regular. it has a great light indicator that shows how much power it has and it is built with a flash light on the outside of it- this has come in handy so many times-like when i’ve dropped my phone in the car at night and could not locate it b/t the seats. It also has a light on the inside too, so I can see my e-cigs and carts. And having fully charged e-cigs whenever I need them is amazing. South beach smoke- i love ya!

  40. Varad Kandadi

    Awesome products for people who are serious about e-smoking like me. I have been extremely pleased with them since I started- the quality is awesome. I especially appreciate the many ways they offer savings- the prices come out to be really responsible. I am happy with how far each cartridge can stretch also- it is so much nicer to have these kinds of savings and benefits and not be spending a small fortune every month on cigarettes. As far as costumer service goes, I have never called them for any reason but in email, I get a response really quickly every time, and I would prefer to communicate like that anyway. Big kudos for fast shipments too! Overall I’m very satsified with South Beach Smoke, and have recommended them to several friends- very good company to deal with.

  41. Nick Thornby

    E-CIGS that work and taste good? Pick these. Hard to find, but sbs does it all. I am very satisfied with them and I feel great when I use them- very relaxed and NO CIGARETTE CRAVINGS> They have 3 tobacco flavors. All 3 taste like tobacco. The sweeter/ fruit flavors are nice too- peach is UNREAL how delish. Baterries don’t quit working after a week. Vapor is huge through the whole cartridge- not just the beginning. Nicotine strengths are right where they should be. They don’t mess around taking forever to ship things out. HDP is great for convenience. Can you tell Im happy? Amazing brand right here- damn proud to use them, no problems bragging!

  42. Rating

    These new battery type from south beach is the classic staple in vaping. Especially when in search for a good PV device with decent battery life. It is pretty amazing that you can save so much money, and not to mention, your lungs (which are priceless). You really could not put a price on something that has so much impact on your life. It has definitely affected mine.

  43. Jaye Harrison

    all it takes is a little puff and these e-cigarettes will start pouring out the vapor! I think they feel different than cigarettes when I smoke, bc it takes the tiniest bit of effort to get it going, and its nice. Also really nice to have the freedom to not have to sit and like smoke a whole cigarette. faster, easier, cleaner. better for my job too, not smelling like cigarettes or getting weird looks from people everytime i head out for a smoke. now i do it at my desk, super convenient- no one has a problem w/ that at all!. SBS e-cigarettes really are wonderful- I have tried the drug store/ wally world kinds, never been happy with them. and you know i wasn’t surprised when they were breakin after a week. Do NOT waste your cash on those, people! South BeachSmoke is the real deal, great products.

  44. Rating

    This has to be the worst company I’ve ever dealt with. I will not buy any more product from them. I ordered on the 18th and was told I would have the product absolutely no later than the 25th, it was to ship on the 19th. I called and checked on the order on the 22nd and was told it shipped on 20th. On the 25th I called. no email with tracking info received, and was told it shipped on the 21st. I called on the 25th and was told yes it shipped on the 20th I would receive it 28th. Today the 27th I was told it shipped 8:00p.m. the 26th!!! I will have it in a week. What kind of crap is this!! The worst!! And I finally today, the 27th, received an email with tracking info, which none shows up for it says it’s too early, when did it ship?? I truely wish I would have gone with Green Smokes, I see why they are number one!

  45. Pathenia Proctor

    I am really excited about using south beach smoke e-cigarettes… i have for 3 months. They are extremely good and satisfying and a really cool experience! Theres lots of features to them, and you juse know when you use them that they were really made for people to enjoy them. I love how easy the drag is I don;t feel like I have to drag really hard to have the vapor, as I did with other models. I love using these and they feels really close to a cigarete, so I am pretty glad I decided to get out of the comfort zone and try a different brand.

  46. Elizabeth

    Gotta love South Beach Smoke, good quality stuff!

  47. Ruben Mata

    I will never use another brand for e-cigarettes! So many disappointments with other brands! SBS was the last straw for me- if they didn’t work I was going back to tobacco, or going cold turkey, or doing something else because I was getting really annoyed. Thankfull SBS e-cigs are amazing and they work great. Improved my life for the better for sure! i love how the cartridges work and they really do have the best flavors of any e-cig company. GLad I found my keeper, and really glad I wont be resorting back to tobacco.

  48. Sarah McLaughlin

    i feel so much cleaner using South beach smoke e-cigarettes! my house feels a million times cleaner also, since the smoke cleared out and i started using e-cigarettes only. such a fresh start over, if i feel this clean and my house is much cleaner, i can only imagine what my insides are like now! i used to use A LOT of perfume and its great now that i don’t ahve to because i’m stinky, and need to cover up the smoke smell. flavors are really awesome. my only complaint is that i wish the refill carts came in bigger packs, but otherwise everything is great!

  49. Cecily M.

    South Beach Smoke is super awesome. Simply put. They make such excellent electronic cigs and they have accessories that are cool and useful. I am happy with all of my South Beach Smoke purchases that I have made, and love that they also provide top of the line customer service- big freaking deal because other brands have next to none! If you’re on the HDP they replace things that break (batteris) no problems. Tons of ways to save, great prices in general, and they love there customers.

  50. Jeff Sykes

    to add to all the good reviews for SBS, I’m here to add another. I’ve had a lovely experience, and I love using these e-cigs. They do everything an esmoker wants/ needs, without going overboard with the fluff. awesome batteries with very good life. I like the little power switch on the manuals, and I love how much vapor comes out. I am really pleased with the new cartridges made with American E-Juice, and the 24mg cartridges- way to step it up! great customer care, very attentive to their customers and I am really glad things have turned out so well! Happy to be vaping and not smoking!

  51. roberto

    I have been having problems with the new menthol cartr they don’t feel like they did when I first bought them , now I will try the bold flavor to see if satis. If not I will ask for my moneys back.

  52. Rating

    I’ve eben a SouthBEach customer and fan for a while now. Love them. I just got my portable recharge pack and that little thing is the bomb! Looks like a little ciggy pack and I can recharge my batts right in my handbag. I even love taking it out and opening up to grab my batt with people. Love explainging all about ecigs and how awesome they are.

  53. Joelle Finney

    Cant complain about anything w/ SBS. And if there is one reason to be with them its for the excellent customer support. I love the products and I love even more that they are so kind to the customers. Things don’t always run pefectly, sometimes I have had to deal with back orders and late shipments, but they keep me informed and they make sure im happy in the end… they cant control the postal service! Its a great product with great people, im always satsifed when i use them.

  54. Harold Helmich

    I have now been using this brand for 2 months, and have reordered cartrideges twice. Like them a lot so far, and have had no trouble getting into a rhythm with them. Ordering/ shipping is all smooth. You have to try their many flavors, and I just wish it was a little easier to do in the beginning- like if they sold the packages of 30 or 45 to where you could choose how many of each flavor go in would be absolutel perfection! anyway though the sampler pack is a good compromise. I have found that I like the royal tobacco and the vanilla most, and alternate. Sometimes i crave a menthol, so i keep a small amount of those around. Love the concept of how these work. I am really impressed with the vapor and how it feels. No problems at all, love them- coming from an ex-smoker!

  55. Julie Halley

    South Beach is great. Super ton of vapor and I live the little recharging pack they have now. Really nice and stylish ecig to carry around.

  56. Rating

    The results with these e-cigarettes from south beach smoke have been everything I could have asked for. I feel better, and felt better in like weeks after I started using them. It was fast and switching over from tobacco did not take long or was it difficult. Im on the lowest nicotine strength- ive been using them for 3 months. the vapor feels like smoke. very convenient, much more convenient than cigarettes. Suuuuper prices. Cartridges are a great price, love the HDP for this. I would totally recommend SBS!

  57. John Alder

    Why do I love South Beach Smokes e-cigs? Because of the total control. I feel like I am able to control everything and not have the cigarette company do it for me. I choose what I want for everything and the rest is up to me. They are a great deal also- huge savings and its less than $2 per cartridge- which definitely run longer than a pack of cigarettes was running me… also the way i just have as many puffs as I want is what smokers have always wanted- no waste. These are amazing, so glad I got them!

  58. Carrie Simmons

    best purchase ever- coming from someone who was a hardcore, heavy smoker. i really did not expect to find electronic cigarettes this easy to use or this pleasurable. The throat hit is just like it is when I smoke cigarettes. the nicotine makes me feel the same so ive never had cravings or hve been feeling like i quit smoking. i still vape pretty heavy but hopefully in time i can cut down some too, they say its easier, so we’ll see. i am ecstatic to have gotten this far. many thanks.

  59. Nicolas Anders

    Yeah, it’s a great ecig. No complaints against the vapor or the flavor. Battery life is good enough. Wish they had more colors though.

  60. Rating

    south beach smoke is great. they were definitely not quite what i expected- i think my expectations were way too high thinking they would be exactly like cigarettes in every way, but i like them. it took some time to get used to them, but i am happy now. it’s really worth it to try because cigarettes are so harmful and really toxic, and i think e-cigs are the best of both worlds.

  61. John Carlton

    Perfect. These starter kits are everything you need for smokefree happiness. Such a great deal- all of them. I have the fully loaded, ultimate plus kit. It is amazing and makes being smoke free very convenient. I have no desire at all for cigarettes now. South Beach Smoke is amazing.

  62. Erik Berhaar

    I travel a lot and South Beach has been a godsend. When I’m on the road I love being able to plug the power ecig into the car and puff away. When I’m in a hotel, don’t have to get stinky dirty smoking rooms anymore! Just work on the laptop and be plugged right in vaping away at my desk!

  63. Gale Thomas

    Beautiful design, excellent workings. These are my first electronic cigarettes and I cant say a bad thing about them. Granted, I havent tried others to say anything in comparison, but I know I like them a lot, and they have allowed me to cut down my cigarette use 90%. I am really happy with how they work. they look gorgeous too- esp. in black. Glad to have taken my life to the next level.

  64. Paul Garcia

    Overall excellent. I started using vape cigs a couple of years ago and really wanted to find “my” brand. Finally found it! I had heard of south beach smoke, but for some reason never got around to using them til recently. What a mistake, cuz I really I wish i had gotten them earlier. they have a lot of unique little tidbits and having used other companies i know how great these are. AMAZING amount of vapor and throat hit. LOVE the end light/ crystal. it flashes when the battery needs recharging- love it! great flavors, so many to choose from. the chargers work perfectly and they DO NOT break in 2 seconds- awesome. I highly suggest this company, the e-cigs are just perfection. And they ship in a timely manner, so its a little less of a wait than most brands

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