Smoking Traditional Cigarettes Shows Link to Asthma in Kids

The dangers attached to smoking have been making headlines for years and with good reason. The smoking of traditional cigarettes has been linked to such life-threatening, serious conditions as lung cancer, emphysema, and tuberculosis. Studies have also shown strong links between cigarette smoking and miscarriage, birth defects, and low birth weight in conjunction with pregnancy.

The dangers attached to secondhand smoke are also well-documented. Studies show that exposure to secondhand smoke can cause all of the same issues as firsthand smoking can. This means that not only is the smoker at risk, but so are their families, their friends, and even their children.

Lately doctors have been increasingly worried about a growing correlation between traditional cigarette smoking and cases of asthma in children. Toddlers and infants whose mothers smoked while they were pregnant have been testing as suffering from pronounced wheezing and signs of early asthma to a much greater degree than young children whose mothers did not smoke at all.

Second Hand is Dangerous to ChildrenAsthma drugs are also thought by medical experts not to be as effective for these children. Although these same studies don’t prove that secondhand smoke has the same pronounced effect, other research certainly suggests that respiratory issues can easily be triggered by such smoke in babies and young children.

Experts unanimously agree at this point that the tobacco exposure for children of all ages has got to be eliminated in order to provide our little ones with the greatest chance at optimal respiratory health. Babies and toddlers exposed to smoke of any kind in the womb are up to 85% more likely to develop asthma at some point. Children whose immediate family members smoke have a 70% higher chance of developing respiratory issues by the age of 4.

Cigarettes and KidsThankfully, there’s an alternative to smoking that is growing in popularity and prevalence by the day. Electronic cigarettes are capable of providing all the enjoyment and experience people love about smoking, but with none of the associated health risks. In fact, electronic cigarettes have been shown in studies to have no adverse health effects on either the smoker or their immediate families, including their children.

They’re even legal to smoke in public places, as they emit only harmless vapor instead of the harmful tobacco smoke people have come to associate with smoking. Medical experts agree that electronic cigarettes provide a safe alternative to analog cigarettes that smokers can use without risk to their children’s respiratory health or their future wellbeing.

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