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I was after. The inhaled experience of the electronic cigarette may not have the same chemicals as real cigarettes; but as my wife always reminds me, you trade.
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  1. The Smoke to Live product line is a huge rip off! They are waiting to get some sucker, who doesn’t know about ecigs and fair pricing. I was taken for $300. Later I found out that I could have bought the Bentley of ecigs for that price.

    Their proprietary design will only let you buy components from them since they do not use industry standered components. For example, you can’t replace their cheap parts with a any other brand because only their products will fit the threading.

    Stay away from Smoke to Live!!! Spend 30 min on line and buy a reputable brand. I bought a better set up that my $300 Smoke to live setup for $50 at a local ecig store while I wait for my Provari to come in the mail.

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