Safe Cig Reviews

Safe Cig Reviews

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Price: $56.95 with coupon
Coupon Code: SMOKELESS
Discount: 5% off
Delivery Time: 1-3 Days
Flavors: 13
Nicotine Levels: 6

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Safe Cig’s website is currently down. Find out what special deals are being offered by our top ranked brands for current Safe Cig customers!

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Since 2006, when The Safe Cig introduced the electronic cigarette to USA, they have consistently been on the cutting edge of smokeless technology. They have been committed to improving e cigarettes for anyone and everyone.

When I first got my starter kit and started opening the packaging, I could tell right way I was in for a treat. The first thing I saw was a “Start Here” guide which is great for first time e cigarette owners. That was just the beginning. Overall, the Safe Cig is the most user friendly of any brand e cigarette on the market.

The Safe Cig is far ahead of the competition when it comes to battery innovation. The “flow sensor”, what turns the e cigarette on and off, is very responsive making every puff consistent. The battery life is 50% longer than the competing companies. With a 3.7V lithium ion and a “PCB” micro-circuit board inside every battery, you can easily get 6 hours without a charge depending on use. The tip will start flashing indicating it needs a charge.

New! Safe Cig Micro - Click Here to Learn More!NEW! Safe Cig Micro has been released!
Safe Cig Micro is Huge on Flavor & Small on Size!

  • The smallest e cigarette available!
  • Available in 13 great flavors!
  • Each Micro cartridge is the equivalent of 1 pack of regular cigarettes!
  • Perfect for on-the-go vaping!

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Safe Cig Starter Kits

  • Safe Cig Starter Kit – $69.95 - Includes 1 Battery, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger and 5 Nicotine Flavor Cartridges
  • Safe Cig Pro Starter Kit – Most Popular! – $89.95 - Includes 2 Batteries, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger and 5 Nicotine Flavor Cartridges
  • Safe Cig Deluxe Starter Kit – $137.95 - Includes 3 Batteries, 2 USB Chargers, 1 Wall Charger, 1 Car Charger, 1 Safe Case and 10 Nicotine Flavor Cartridges
  • Safe Cig MICRO – $59.95 - Includes 2 Batteries, 1 USB Charger and 7 Nicotine Flavor Cartridges

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  • Safe Cig offers 13 different flavors with 6 different nicotine levels including zero nicotine!
  • Original Cartridge Flavors - Classic Tobacco, Tradtional & Menthol
  • Micro Cartridge Flavors - Classic Tobacco, Traditional, Menthol, Trinidad, Mandalay, Colombian, Brazilian, Madagascar, Madrid, Moroccan, Royale, Saharan & Turkish
  • SGS certified refills! Consistently high quality cartridges
  • Nicotine Levels – 24mg, 18mg, 14mg, 11mg, 6mg, 0mg
  • BUY 2, GET 1 FREE! – Take advantage of this limited time offer now!


  • White Battery – $29.95
  • NEW! Black Battery – $39.95 – Comes with 20 Black Reload Skins!
  • Micro White Battery – $24.95
  • Safe Cig Batteries have the most advanced flow sensor in the electronic cigarette industry.


  • Reload Skins – $14.95 – These go great with the Black Battery!
  • Safe Case – $12.95 – You choose the color!
  • USB Charger – $15.95
  • Micro USB Charger – $12.95
  • Wall Charger – $19.95
  • Car Charger – $19.95
  • Euro Wall Charger – $19.95


  • Safe Cig offers a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty on All Products

Visit The Safe Cig Website for more information or to make a purchase.

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Safe Cig Reviews4Zach2013-02-19 18:34:18
Overall Rating
Editor's Rating

$56.95 with coupon

Coupon Code:

5% off

Delivery Time:
1-3 Days

E Cigarette ReviewsSafe Cig Reviews
Overall Rating
Editor's Rating

$56.95 with coupon

Coupon Code:

5% off

Delivery Time:
1-3 Days

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6 User Reviews for “Safe Cig Reviews”
  1. Rating

    I started experimenting with e-cigs about 4 years ago. I travel for work so smoking is always an issue. I went through three models of other brand and found they’re all pretty good at first but vary on how fast they go bad/have technical issues – something you never have to worry about with analog cigs. The problem is always with the atomizer – those sensitive electronics just can’t take that much suction and liquid. It seems American producers have gotten around this with just making the atomizer disposable. That means replacement cartridges are probably more expensive, but your overall experience will have more longevity. I just ordered the Safecig Mini so will find out.

  2. This is the first eCig I purchased. Right off I noticed a really short battery life, would only last a couple of hours. I also noticed that the eCig made popping/crackling noises. Within a few days it was virtually unusable. I couldn’t take it with me because it comes on by itself with the slightest movement, so the battery was always run down.

    I contact SafeCig support via email on their website, received an automated confirmation and assurance that I would be contacted within 24-48 hours. Never heard a thing. Got back on the website looking for a phone number. NO PHONE NUMBER FOR SUPPORT! The phone number provided is for Sales only — bad business IMO!

    I found where I could have a live chat with support, which I have done. Technician apologized told me to return the battery and they would test it and if faulty mail me a new one.

    Once I receive the new battery, I will try again and post another review. For now I have to give SafeCig a DO NOT BUY rating.

  3. Rating

    The good: I do like the flavors of their cartridges, although they don’t really taste like real cigs. The bad: They are the most inconsistant of all the brands of e-cigs I’ve tried. One cartridge will last a while, then the next will only last an hour. This is also true of their batteries. I had one actually melt-down. The ugly: No customer service. I do not underestimate this when I say this is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with trying to get a problem fixed. I think their strategy when you contact them is “make the customer wait for months, and hopefully they will forget about it.” I didn’t and it took three months to get a problem solved. Then, to make matters worse they still would not admit to being part of the problem. With e-cigs becoming very competive, I doubt they can continue to be a player unless they make some serious changes to their practices. There are too many good e-cig companies to spend your money with them.

  4. I have been a very happy SafeCig customer for the past year and a half, despite all the criticism they receive for quality and service that seems to be slipping far below the competition at an astounding rate! The filters USED to last me 2 days each, which backed up their claim that they were the equivalent of one pack of smokes (I’ve always smoked 1/2 pack a day). As of December 2011 I noticed the filters duration has slipped to anywhere from 4 measly hours to a full day (at best!). I continued to order my refills through SafeCig, despite the fact that I was then paying more to replace all the prematurely ending cartridges than I did buying regular cigarettes! Nooww, I’ve started experiencing the difficulties that so many others have had in actually getting their stuff shipped to them! Normally I order my filters and they ship Los Angeles, straight up to Olympia, WA (where I live). It’s been 6 days now and I tracked the order and see that it’s been going back and forth between Louisville, Kentucky and Lexington, Kentucky for the past 3 days!! What the hell is it doing on the other side of the damn country!? What if you are out of cartridges and these things are the ONLY thing keeping you from smoking the real thing? Anyway, I have jumped ship and switched over to the “V2″ brand, since they are climbing UP the rankings instead of DOWN!

  5. Strada Cobble

    Helpful info. Fortunate for me I discovered your site by accident, and I’m shocked why I did not look for reviews earlier! I bookmarked this site and will leave another review when I get my order.

  6. I didn’t care for the SafeCig. The flavor was horrible. They guarantee your money back. I spoke with them and was assured my refund and followed their instructions for returns. I too, received the standard email that they were processing my refund. It has been six months and I still don’t have it!!! Am turning them in to the Better Business Bureau in my state.

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