Premium Electronic Cigarette Review

5 Star Smokeless Cigarette Review5 Star Smokeless Cigarette Review5 Star Smokeless Cigarette Review

Premium offers quality products with great prices, fast worldwide shipping, and a product selection that is sure to satisfy your needs!

Product Features:

Flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Mal-boro, Vanilla, Cherry, Chocolate and Coffee

Nicotine: 16mg, 11mg, 6mg, 0mg

Warranty: Lifetime warranty

LED Color: Orange

Product Review:

Premium Electronic Cigarettes really do have a premium product.  They offer several types of e-cigarette kits and there’s definitely something for everyone.  Their most popular products are the PR110 and PR111 starter kits, the difference being the PR111 is designed for heavier smokers and is a little bit bigger with a longer lasting battery.  Both kits come with 2 batteries so you will never be out of luck without a fully charged battery.

Premium also offers a single use e-cigarette called the PremiumOne.  It’s just one piece and is the equivalent of about 25 regular cigarettes.  This is perfect for someone on a tight budget or aren’t sure about ordering a more expensive starter kit.  Another exclusive product from Premium is the Electronic cigar.  I’m not usually a cigar smoker, but I did enjoy smoking the Premium Electronic Cigar.  It had a realistic cigar taste and the best part was it didn’t smell up the room!

I like how you can customize Premium e-cigarettes to fit your style.  My personal favorite is the New Circuits Custom Battery with a Green LED.  If you like to customize your e-cigarettes, Premium is the brand for you!

Bottom Line:

With so many options including the PR110, PR111, PremiumOne single use, and an Electronic Cigar, Premium is sure to have a product to fit your needs.