NEW! V2 Cigs Disposable Electronic Cigarettes!

V2 Cigs is a brand that’s always innovating and offering some of the best e cigarettes available.  They have just released a New Disposable E Cigarette!

V2 Disposables aren’t just a cheap version of the real thing.  They deliver the same high performance, great taste and thick vapor that you’re used to with V2 Cigs.  Now available in either full-flavored tobacco or refreshing menthol, light or full strength.  Each disposable is the equivalent to about 2 packs of regular cigarettes.

V2 Cigs Disposables

V2 Cigs are sold in the following packs:

  • 3 pack – $24.95
  • 5 pack – $39.95
  • 10 pack – $74.95
  • 20 pack – $139.95

As you may expect, you save when you buy in bulk.  However, you can also get a free disposable with the purchase of all Standard, Traveler, Couples and Ultimate kits with an 80 cartridge pack.  Either option is sure to save you money over traditional cigarettes, so don’t wait to get in on the e cigarette craze!  See for yourself why so many people are switching to e cigs!

If you’re a little hesitant or you would like to try out a full kit, check out our e cigarette review page for reviews of the top e cig brands.

Click to Visit the V2 Cigs Website!

Visit the V2 Cigs Website

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