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Safe Cig Micro - Click to Learn More!The Safe Cig Micro is finally here and it’s been worth the wait!  Measuring the same size as a regular cigarette, the Micro is the smallest electronic cigarette yet!  After 18 months of extensive design and engineering in the Safe Cig’s California lab, the Safe Cig Micro is here and it’s loaded with lots of great features.  This new product is more proof that Safe Cig is a top notch e cig brand.

Safe Cig Micro Features

  • 14 Flavors each with a flavor gauge ranked based on Sweet, Spicy, Earthy & Woody.  Check to see which flavor is most similar to your favorite brand of regular cigarettes!
  • Each cartridge is equal to 1 pack of regular cigarettes, or about 250 drags.
  • Each battery will last about 1 to 2 smoking hours.  The battery will go into standby when not in use to conserve battery life.
  • The Micro Battery measures just 5-1/2 centimeters in length and 1/8 centimeter in diameter.

The Technology

The Safe Cig Micro was designed by a team of CNC machine engineers to help ensure every e cig to come out of the factory meets Safe Cig’s high quality standards.  Each cartridge now includes a “catcher” to ensure no e-liquid leaks when you take a puff.  This is another first in the e cigarette industry.  The Micro batteries have a PCB micro-circuit board which monitors the battery performance with each drag.  This helps optimize your vaping experience.

Watch the Safe Cig Micro in Action!

To learn even more about the Micro, Click Here to visit the official Safe Cig website.

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