NEW from Blu Cigs: Social “Smart Pack” E Cigarette Kit

Blu Cigs Smart PackBlu Cigs recently released news of their upcoming cutting edge product line, the Blu Cigs “Smart Pack”.   Coming soon, Blu Cigs will come with a radio equipped sensor chip that will allow you to store you information and will alert you with a vibration and flashing blue LED light when you pass within 50 feet of another Blu Cigs user.  Blu recently explained these new upcoming models will allow you to sync with Smart phones and PC’s. The chip will also store information like who you have smoked with, how much nicotine you inhaled and exactly where you have smoked.

Blu Cigs Social NetworkingIn my opinion this is a great way for e cigarette users to meet people!  Like Facebook and Twitter it will also allow people that meet to easily stay in touch like the other popular social networking option.  You can set your profile to single and interested in meeting new people, other e cigarette users will see that when they’re within 50 feet of you at the bar, then when you get back to your home, you can see information about who you smoked with on the Blu Cigs desktop app.  The Smart Pack will also come with an optional feature that allows you to share this information with your doctor.  For someone who has switched from regular tobacco cigarettes, this is a great way to monitor their “smoking”, or vaping in this case.

The new Smart Pack will be released in June and it’s expected to be a huge hit with social smokers who have switched to e cigarettes.  It’s no surprise since Blu Cigs is already technologically advance with the electronic cigarettes, but with technology and social networking becoming a bigger part of peoples lives, Blu Cigs is certainly making the most of current trends and technology.

Blu Cigs with Julie BenzThe Founder and President of Blu Cigs, Jason Healy, says the Blu Cigs team has been working on this new product for about a year.  In an interview with Fast Company, Healy says, ”Customers were always telling us how social Blu e-cigs were…they’d be in a bar or outside, and someone would see this blue light and what looks like smoke.”  To Healy, taking this new step with e cigarettes made perfect sense.  He also shared with Fast Company, ”Quite often it sparks a conversation…I actually had a doctor who kept emailing me cause it kept getting him laid. So we started to develop the social aspect of it.”

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