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Blu Cigs Smart Pack - Click Here to Learn More!You heard it here first, and the time has finally come…

Blu Cigs has finally released their all new Premium Starter kit which includes the New Smart Pack!  Blu has been a true innovator in e cigarette charging cases since the beginning and they have once again come out with a game changer in e cig technology.  The new Blu Smart pack comes with some amazing features.

Blu Smart Pack Features

  • New, patented Social feature
  • No screw charging with battery management system that continually monitors and charges the spare battery
  • Easy charge icons located on the side so you can see the battery level and charging progress of the pack and spare battery at any time
  • On/off switch to activate or deactivate the Social feature
  • Mini USB for data management and efficient charging

Great New Look

That’s not all, the new Blu Premium Pack has a new look and feel.  For example, the charging case has a bright LED Blu logo that not only sets your e cigarette apart from the rest, it also let’s you know when your pack is charged and ready to go!  If you want to know the status of your pack, check the pack charging and batter indicators on the side of the pack.

Blu Smart Pack Social Features!

Without a doubt, my favorite part of the new Premium Smart Pack is the Social Feature.  When you’re within 50 feet of someone else with a Blu Premium Pack will light up and vibrate.  This is a great way to meet other people that are fans of Blu Cigs.  Don’t worry, you can control this feature with the on/off switch.

There’s too many features to list on this website!  If you would like to learn more about the Smart Pack click here to visit the official Blu Cigs website!

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