Modified e-Cigarettes are More of a Risk than a Health Benefit

E Cigarette SafetyEvery year more people choose to protect their health by quitting smoking, and electronic cigarettes from companies like South Beach Smoke, V2 Cigs, and Green Smoke have helped many of them do just that. Unfortunately, because of their growing popularity, some less-than-reputable companies are cashing in on the trend by offering consumers modified versions that actually risk the health of those who use them. Some consumers actually take it upon themselves to modify their own electronic cigarettes.

If you quit smoking to improve your health though, why would you risk it with something dangerous and scientifically unsound for the few pennies saved?

What’s the Risk?

Recently, a Florida e-cigarette user was badly injured when the battery inside his e-cigarette exploded in his face. Paramedics rushed to the scene after receiving a panicked 911 call from the victim’s wife. Luckily, his injuries were not life-threatening, but the explosion gave him severe burns on his face, knocked out some of his teeth, and even caused him to lose a portion of his tongue. Authorities found that the cigarette had been modified and did not meet the usual high standards reputable brands maintain.

E Cig ModIt might be tempting to opt for a cheaper brand or even modify an e-cigarette yourself, but think about the risks you are taking with your health. Electronic cigarettes that have been modified have not been tested in closely-monitored labs or approved by experts. They have not been created with consumer health in mind, and therefore do not meet the high standards you should expect from any product designed to improve your health.

Would you take medicine that had been modified by anyone other than a licensed practitioner?

Would you give your child an inhaler that had been beefed up by someone you weren’t sure you could trust?

Of course not!

So why take that risk with an electronic cigarette? Like the Florida man, it could cost you and your family much more than you expected.

Which Electronic Cigarette Brands can You Trust?

Luckily, there are electronic cigarettes out there that can be trusted. High quality e-cigarettes from brands like South Beach Smoke, V2 Cigs, and Green Smoke have safety features that are built in to their design. These brands include an automatic battery shut-off that prevents dangerous explosions. They even have smart chargers that prevent over-charging. Their batteries go through an aging process to make sure no defective products make it into consumer hands. Their experts are dedicated to providing a quality product that, if used as directed, can actually help people and do not cause injury.

While these standards are not mandated by any consumer protection agency, South Beach Smoke, V2 Cigs, and Green Smoke all believe they have a responsibility to their consumers to put these standards in place. They understand that the purpose of their product is to improve the health of smokers who are trying to quit. They even go so far as to prevent underage users from purchasing their products. If only more companies followed the same business practice!

Unfortunately, electronic cigarette companies can’t control what modifications are made to their products once they’re off the shelf. All they can do is continue to uphold their high standards and put out quality products that consumers can trust. It’s up to the users of electronic cigarettes to be sure they’re buying high quality, trustworthy brands like South Beach Smoke, V2 Cigs, and Green Smoke. When it comes to your health, don’t settle for cheap knock-offs or risky modifications. Invest in brands that are proven safe and effective. Keeping this in mind will allow you to breathe a little easier.


User Reviews

5 User Reviews for “Modified e-Cigarettes are More of a Risk than a Health Benefit”
  1. silence dogood

    Based off the claims and opinions in this article, it’s clear to me you’re either a vendor yourself, or sadly incapable of due diligence. Every ecig vendor i’ve ever tried has measures in place to keep under-age children from purchasing. Also, your analogies about ecig modification are outlandish and a stretch. you don’t ask yourself those same questions when you take your vehicle to a mechanic other then your OEM vendor right? The fault lies in the hands of the modder, NOT with the vendor. Stop posting nonsense like this. I understand that you “bloggers” have no journalistic integrity or fact-checking, but seriously, knock it off.

  2. Johnny wishbone

    Where is your source to back up the statement that this was a modified e cig and authorities determined it was modified and did not meet the usual high standards? What authorities? The fire department? What do they know about mods even if this was true?

  3. Vaopors Delight

    This whole article is bunk! Its just to push your own product which is no better than any other e cig! This man had a mod, who knows what he did to it to make it blow up. Probably stacked batteries! Which is a big no no in the vaping community. Stop your crap and report the real story instead of an inflated POS!

  4. gotsteam

    Bunk is a polite way of saying what I’d really like to say. this is nothing more than capitalizing on an unfortunate individual’s unfortunate accident. This is nothing more than a V2 cigs commercial disguised as an e-cigarette safety article and all the while trashing reputable American e-cig mod manufacturers which work and perform 10 times better than those Chinese V2 cig e-cigs. Thats right I said Chinese. V2, South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke, Blu, Ever Smoke, White Cloud and all the rest are ALL manufactured in China and NOT the United States. So keep trashing PV’s and Mods pal, and we’ll keep showing you where you are wrong.
    Stop being divisive and get with the program. And next time you write an article, give us your name and stop hiding.

  5. wendyharrington

    This sounds like free advertising to me. There are ALOT of reputable companies out there that have tested their products and stand by them. Your slingin doo doo and you know it!!

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