Luci Electronic Cigarette Review

5 Star Smokeless Cigarette Review5 Star Smokeless Cigarette Review5 Star Smokeless Cigarette Review

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Product Features:

Flavors: Full Flavor, Menthol, Cherry and Coffee

Nicotine: High, Medium, None

Warranty: Lifetime

LED Color: Red, Blue or Pink

Product Review:

My favorite thing about Luci is the less harsh, smooth pull compared to other brands.  It’s great e-cigarette and is ideal for a smoker who is considering giving an e-cig a try for the first time.  Personally, I have been quite impressed with the full and menthol taste.  The flavors are very comparable to my old brand of cigarettes.  I have tried the cherry and coffee flavors which are also great if you enjoy the flavored flavors.

Luci truly offers a smarter alternative by providing a product without tar, second-hand smoke, or ash and flame.  Their e-cigarette contains a “smart chip” which monitor the amount of nicotine released.  This is designed as a safety feature and will shut off if too much nicotine is released in a short time.  A nicotine overdose is very harmful and this is a great extra feature if you’re worried about making the switch from traditional cigarettes.

Switching to Luci e-cigarettes will save thousands compared to regular cigarettes.  You can smoke anywhere without the unpleasant smoke.  The best part is it’s the same size and shape as regular cigarettes and your friends will be amazed at the technology.

Bottom Line:

Luci has very pleasing flavors and has a smoother taste than other electronic cigarettes we have reviewed.  The great full flavor makes this brand ideal for a smoker looking to make a smooth transition to e-cigarettes.