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With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up, a lot of people are getting ready to celebrate, and for most, that means having a few drinks with friends. Unfortunately for smokers who are trying to quit, that also means there will be some temptation to smoke.

Premium Electronic Cigarette Sale
Many smokers love to enjoy a cigarette with their alcohol, so St. Patrick’s Day can be a real challenge when it comes to maintaining their resolve. With Premium Electronic Cigarettes though, it doesn’t have to.

Premium is a Top Ten Electronic Cigarette Brands

St. Patrick's Day Premium BatteryInstead of picking up tobacco cigarettes on your way to the party, why not try Premium Electronic Cigarettes? They will allow you to get a customized dose of nicotine, without all the other harmful ingredients.

With Premium E-Cigarettes, there’s no tar, odor, or cancer-causing agents. You don’t even have to worry about yellow teeth or second hand smoke! Instead, you get the look and feel of a real cigarette without the regret! By choosing Premium, you’re selecting a high quality electronic cigarette. In fact, Premium E-Cigs are on the list of Top Ten Electronic Cigarette Brands.

Stylish Premium E-Cigarettes Make You Stand Out

St. Patrick's Day Premium Carrying CaseIf you like to stand out, especially when you’re partying with a crowd, then Premium E-Cigarettes are perfect for you. While you can always go with the standard cigarette, that looks and feels like a traditional tobacco cigarette, Premium offers many variations to match any customer’s personality. You can choose from various colors, themes, and even styles. Premium even offers E-Cigar and E-Pipes for a more festive or old school look.

You can also customize your premium product with cartomizer skins, custom design batteries, and carrying cases. There are a number of looks to choose from, like camouflage, animal prints, textured alligator skins, and plenty of modern colors that are sure to make people notice. If you’re not sure what you want just yet, Premium offers plenty of starter kits for those who just want to try out their product.

Premium’s Special Kit Just for St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re ready to really stand out this St. Patrick’s Day, Premium has just the kit for you. They’ve actually designed a thematic St. Patrick’s Starter Kit Bundle.

St. Patrick's Day Premium Starter Kit

What do you get in the Special Starter Kit Bundle? Two Pocket Kits are regularly sold for $159.98. This weekend only, get the full bundle for only $69.95.

That’s over 50% off.

You will get everything sporting the iconic Irish clover in colors of your choosing:

  • Two Pocket Cases
  • Two Rechargable Batteries
  • Two USB Chargers
  • Four Flavor Cartridges

The electronic cigarette itself comes in a variety of great St. Patrick’s Day designs, from the traditional clover to a clover with a modern Celtic flare. In case you don’t have any St. Patty’s Day clothes, you might want to go with the Kelly green cigarette, just to be safe!

Prepare for your St. Patrick’s Day by visiting Official Premium E Cigarette Website.

Remember, this limited time only kit is only good for today and tomorrow, so don’t hesitate!

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