Green Smoke Rises to the Top of our E Cigarette Rankings!

Since you’re at, you probably have already heard that electronic cigarettes are better for you than traditional tobacco cigarettes. With the bad publicity traditional cigarettes have gotten in the past 20 years, it’s no wonder that the electronic cigarette is quickly becoming a much more popular alternative for smokers.

The next step to switching is deciding which e-cig you should buy. Green Smoke has recently become the top ranked electronic cigarette and smokers everywhere are finding out why.

Most Realistic Look and Feel

The first thing most smokers notice when they try Green Smoke is how much it looks, feels, and acts like the cigarettes they’re used to. This makes the transition much easier, because your brain believes it’s still experiencing the same sensations. The Green Smoke electronic cigarette looks more like a traditional cigarette than other e-cig brands, because the device’s size, shape, and color were designed to be as close as possible to that of a tobacco cigarette. Other brands tend to be longer and come in odd shapes and nontraditional colors. The Green Smoke cigarette even glows with a bright orange LED tip every time you take a puff.

Most User-Friendly Design

The Green Smoke cigarette has a much more user-friendly design than other brands too. It only has two components with a one-step cartridge replacement. And during replacement, you don’t have to touch the nicotine pad or mess with e-liquid, unlike other brands where the wet pad has to be unwrapped and carefully inserted. With Green Smoke, there’s no leaking and no clogging, making sure you maintain a rich, full volume of smoke every time you take a drag.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Most Sanitary Delivery System

Best of all, the Green Smoke cigarette stays fresher longer. They have engineered their e-cigarette with the cartridge, atomizer, and the nicotine in the same piece. This means, with each refill, you replace the component that has touched your mouth. This prevents bacteria and other residue from accumulating around and inside your mouthpiece, helping to maintain that fresh feel and taste for each smokeless vapor puff.

Make the Switch to Green Smoke

If you’re going to take the time to switch from smoking tobacco products and use electronic cigarettes instead, why wouldn’t you want to go with the #1 rated e-cigarette available? Not only will you improve your chances of success by using something that looks and feels more similar to traditional cigarettes than other brands, but you’ll be saving yourself time by using a more simple and clean design. Go ahead and give the Green Smoke electronic cigarette a try with the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Pro Kit. You’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner!

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