Green Smoke Pro Kit Giveaway – March 2013

It’s that time again.  Green Smoke Giveaway time at

Win a Green Smoke Pro Kit

What’s the occasion?  Well, Green Smoke has been putting on quite a show lately in the e cig world and we want to you to share in the fun.  Starting with a bang in 2013, Green Smoke made a huge move to permanently lower prices on all kits and batteries.  They didn’t just lower prices, they cut them by a huge percentage.

For example, Green Smoke’s Pro Kit was valued at $188.92 and is now priced at $99.97 and marked down to $94.97 with our Coupon Code “Smokeless5“.

We think this is a reason to celebrate and what better way than giving away a free e cigarette starter kit!

The Prize

The prize is a Green Smoke Pro Kit (valued at $188.92).  Included is the following:

  • 1 Long Battery (you choose the color)
  • 1 Short Battery (you choose the color)
  • Green Smoke Pro Kit

  • 5 Red Label Tobacco Cartomizers, 1.8% Nicotine Level (you choose flavor and strength)
  • 5 Absolute Tobacco Cartomizers, 1.8% Nicotine Level (you choose flavor and strength)
  • 1 USB Cigarette
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 High Powered Home Adapter
  • 1 High Powered Car Adapter
  • 1 Green Smoke User Guide and Member Card
  • PLUS 1 Deluxe Carrying Case FREE (You Choose the Color)

This kit includes everything you need to get started with electronic cigarettes.


You must be 18 years or older to enter. The sweepstakes runs from now until March 17th, 2013 midnight PST.  Winner will be drawn randomly and contacted the following day.

How to Enter

We’re pleased to say this giveaway is easier to enter than ever before.  What do you have to do?

1. If you’re not already a subscriber to the Free Newsletter, enter your name and email in the form below.  Make sure to enter a valid email so we can contact you if you win.

2. Open the Green Smoke Website (link will open in a new window). and read about their Industry-Leading FlavorMax Cartomizers.

Green Smoke Cartomizer Flavors

3. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post with the two flavors you would choose for your Pro Kit!

Thanks for entering and good luck!

-Keep it Smokeless

User Reviews

93 User Reviews for “Green Smoke Pro Kit Giveaway – March 2013”
  1. Mary Mosier

    LOVE this product, hoping to win so I can get off the “real” smokes. I like the Red Tobacco and Vanilla flavors the best.

  2. betty crawford

    I would like smooth chocolate and vanilla dreams.

  3. Tiffany Hearn

    I would choose Red Label and Absolute Tobacco.

  4. I would like to try Menthol Ice and Vanilla Dreams.

  5. Lisa Weidknecht

    I would choose Mocha Mist and Vanilla Dreams.

  6. Melissa Courtney

    I would choose mocha mist and absolute tabacco

  7. Denise Anderson

    mocha mist smooth chocolate

  8. Ron Miller

    Absolute and Red Label!

  9. Suzanne Brown

    I would try Vanilla Dreams and Absolute Tobacco. Thank you.

  10. David Heath

    I would choose Red Label and Absolute Tobacco

  11. Dennis Angelo

    Absolute and Red Label

  12. jules mcnubbin

    tobacco gold and vanilla dreams

  13. Robyn Lloyd

    I’d love to try the Mocha Mist and Vanilla Dreams flavors!

  14. Robert Lloyd

    Absolute Tobacco and Red Label


    absolute and red label

  16. Suzette Moyer

    Absolute and Red Label

  17. Denise Shepherd

    Absolute and red label

  18. Menthol ice and vanilla dreams

  19. Tina Treadway

    I would like to try Menthol Ice and Vanilla Dreams

  20. Red Label and Absolute would be my choices to try.

  21. I would try Tobacco Gold and Menthol Ice

  22. sweet tobacco blend, golden tobacco

  23. tracey byram

    I’d choose Red Label and Menthol Ice.

  24. Nat Stevens

    chocolate and vanilla

  25. Wanda Clark

    I would try Vanilla Dreams and Absolute Tobacco. Thank you.

  26. absolute tobacco and red label tobacco

  27. charles harvey

    I would love to try this instead of real cigs. Menthol Ice and Mocha Mist sound tasty and satisfying

  28. Danielle

    Mocha Mist and Vanilla Dreams

  29. Karen Funcannon

    Absolute and Red Label. Have a different brand of E cigs and would love to switch to Green Smoke.

  30. Absolute and Methol Ice sound great. Thanks for the chance!

  31. Sleepyheadedmom

    Red Label Full and Mocha Mist Full

  32. Susan Alles

    Absolute Tobacco and Mocha Mist sound great

  33. Skylene Rethford

    I would love to try Absolute Tobacco and Vanilla Dreams

  34. rachel richards

    i would choose the vanilla dreams and tobacco gold

  35. Nancy Montgomery

    Red and Vanilla

  36. Debi Affrunti

    I would choose Mocha Mist and Vanilla Dreams

  37. heather kline

    Menthol Ice, Vanilla Dreams

  38. ouida leigh stokes

    i would love to try the Menthol Ice and the vanilla dreams

  39. myra bunin

    I would love chocolate and red.

  40. Diana Devlin

    I’d love to try Mocha Mist and Vanilla Dreams – they sound so delicious!

  41. Louise Emma

    Vanilla dream

  42. Sherry Conrad

    Mocha Mist & Vanilla Dreams

  43. Chocolate and vanilla

  44. Keith O

    I would really like to try Mocha Mist and Vanilla Dream.

  45. Tyne Caouette

    Menthol mist, I use it most while traveling. helps take the edge off.

  46. Kobi Hensley

    Absolute Full & Gold Full

  47. I would love to get this for my mom…think she would like the mocha mist and Vanilla Dream.

  48. I’d choose Red Label and Menthol.

  49. Red Label and mocha mist

  50. Lisa Weidknecht

    Mocha Mist and Vanilla Dreams

  51. Darlene Williams

    I love Greensmoke….love the mocha mist and red label! Fantastic!

  52. Diane Bassette

    menthol ice and vanilla dreams I would love this!

  53. Steven Emma

    Would love to win vanilla dream

  54. Louise P.

    I guess I would have to go with the Absolute Tobacco and Tobacco Gold, since the yummy flavors are not allowed to be sold here in CA… :(

  55. Eva Mack

    Absolute and maybe Red

  56. Yolanda

    Menthol Mist and Vanilla Dream…sounds good.

  57. Would love the absolut full and the red label! It is so awesome that you guys do giveaways like this!

  58. Danette

    How about Red and Vanilla Dream? I love giveaways…never win, but someone does….that beats the tobacco companies any day!

  59. Steve Bobula

    I would love to try the Golden and the Red Label

  60. Cynsonya Wallace

    I would choose Menthol Ice and Mocha Mist

  61. susan king

    strong tobacco

  62. Patricia Hill

    Tobacco Gold and Mocha Mist

  63. Gregory Krause

    I would choose the red and absolute tobacco

  64. Mary Jo Mosier

    Love this product, have tried my son’s before. Still praying to win a kit of my own. I really need and am READY to quit smoking!! I would choose The Red Tobacco and the Vanilla Dream.

  65. I would like to try absolute tobacco and red label tobacco

  66. Robert Chapman

    The two flavors I would like to try are menthol ice and vanilla dream.

  67. christina marron

    Stopped smoking cigarettes 6 months ago. Still craving badly,would like one of these kits instead of the real thing. Tried a friends electric CIG it was great. Would like the end liable flavou

  68. christina marron

    That should read red label or tobacco flavour.


    I am so excited to possibly get this and the flavors I would choose are Absolute Tobacco and Variety Pack on a limited income and to win would be GREAT. Thanks

  70. Dawn Oney

    I would like absolute tobacco and red label tobacco. I am hoping this will help me quit smoking.

  71. Linda Lockhart

    I would choose Red Label and Absolute Tobacco.

  72. Ron Miller

    Red Label!

  73. Laura Glass

    Red Label and Absolute Tobacco

  74. Zebulon

    I would like to try red label and absolute tobacco.

  75. Cathy Wilcox

    Red Label and Absolute Tobacco

  76. JoAnne Bieber

    OH,I would definitely try Mocha Mist and Smooth Chocolate. Great contest, thanks Green Smoke

  77. Patrick M

    Mocha & Absolute.

  78. Carrie M

    I would love to try Vanilla Dream & Menthol Ice.

  79. jim kissling

    1 would love menthol ica-absolute tobacco

  80. Trisha Scott

    I would like to try out the Menthol Ice and Vanilla Dreams

  81. John Patterson

    Menthol ice and absolute tobacco

  82. Zonia Acton

    Menthol Ice and Vanilla Dream

  83. red label & vanilla dream

  84. Mocha and menthol

  85. Cynthia A Dorr

    I smoked for 50yrs. If it wasn’t for Green Smoke I would still be smoking I couldn’t believe how easy it was to switch. I never thought I would quit because I enjoyed my cigarette, now I don’t even like the taste.
    I enjoy the Green Smoke Absolute Tobacco. My husband just quit smoking and he likes the Red Label Tobacco.
    Thank You Green Smoke

  86. Kelly Britton

    I would love to try the Menthol Ice! Love the option of having a longer battery!

  87. tamatha hunter

    mocha mist & menthol ice

  88. Tesa Shelton

    Vanilla Dreams and Menthol Ice

  89. Deborah B

    Red label tabacco and menthol ice!

  90. I like Absolute and Red label

  91. Remedios Ventura

    Mocha Mist & Smooth Chocolate

  92. The Smooth Chocolate Full and the Menthol Ice Strong would be my choices!

  93. the mocha mist sounds amazing, but i’m also a menthol ice kinda girl

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