Announcement: New Green Smoke Lifetime Battery Warranty!

Lifetime WarrantyAttention Green Smoke Vapers, we have some exciting news for you.

Now, when you purchase an electronic cigarette from the Green Smoke website, you are covered with a Lifetime Limited Warranty!

Already have a Green Smoke e-cig? Good job, you chose your e cigarette brand wisely. If you bought your electronic cigarette through their website you are covered with this new lifetime warranty too.

I know what you’re thinking. “You’re telling me if I have any kind of problem with my battery, Green Smoke will send me a replacement as soon as I call customer service?” Yep, that’s right. They won’t even make, or wait, for you to send your old battery back. Just call their top notch customer service and tell them your issue. Now that’s hassle free and could save you a lot of money.

Note: There are some stipulations to prevent abuse such as: you can only get three replacements each month, you can’t try to modify your battery or use it with a non-Green Smoke charger, and you need to be able to prove you bought a battery in the first place. Seems reasonable to me. If you don’t believe us, check out their new return policy for yourself.

Green Smoke BatteriesLike we said in our Green Smoke Review, they may not be the cheapest brand for starter kits, but when you buy a Green Smoke e cigarette you can be sure they will treasure you as a customer. This is just another of the many reasons Green Smoke is our choice for the top ranked e cigarette brand. If you’ve tried another brand before, you know batteries can get worn out and are expensive to replace. This type of warranty is definitely not the norm.

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Like Green Smoke, we care about you guys, so please pass this on to your friends and take advantage of this special warranty. If you are happy with your Green Smoke e cigarette, we also urge you to check out our review page and leave a review. It’s helpful for anyone who may still be trying to find that e-cig that is just perfect for them.

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