FDA to Regulate E Cigarettes like Regular Tobacco Cigarettes

The FDA has announced their intension to regulate e cigarettes in the same manner as traditional tobacco cigarettes.  This is seen as a victory for electronic cigarette companies as it sets a precedent that smokeless vapor cigarettes will not be regulated in the same way as medical products.

This does not mean the FDA is ready to claim smokeless cigarettes are a method to help people stop smoking, but it’s better than the strict regulation given to drugs and medicines.  Currently, e cigarettes are viewed as an alternative to regular cigarettes and are sometimes marketed as a “safer” alternative when compared to tobacco cigarettes.

Since 2002 when e cigarettes were introduced, the industry has been booming the United States as well as the rest of the world.  President of Blu Cigs, Jason Healy, also commented on the news saying the FDA’s announcement will help “weed out the shady companies”.  President of the company marketing NJOY cigarettes stated he was “very happy” with the decision.

If you were on the fence about making the investment and switching to e cigarettes, this is great news!  Click here to read our top 10 rated smokeless cigarettes reviews.

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