E-Cigarette Benefits

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Some of the Many Benefits of Smokless E-Cigarettes…

No tobacco or tar - Smokeless cigarettes do not contain tobacco, tar, harmful chemicals and additives including carcinogens, or actual smoke

Effectively odorless - When you smoke an e-cigarette the vapor evaporates within seconds

No second hand smoke - Since e-cigarettes do not emit real smoke you can smoke anywhere!

No embarrassment or guilt - Instead of being embarrassed, smokeless cigarettes will make you look sexy and cool.

Non-flammable - Electronic cigarettes use a battery and vaporizer resulting in a non-flammable cigarette that can be smoked anywhere

Convenient and easy to use - Long battery life and efficient cartridges make an e-cigarette very user-friendly

Tastes and feels like a cigarette - Delicious flavors and great product styles are an upgrade from a traditional cigarette

Eco-Friendly / Green - E-cigarettes do not produce smoke and won’t start fires.

Cheaper than traditional cigarettes - With increasing costs of regular cigarettes, smokeless e-cigarettes can save you thousands a year!

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