EverSmoke Review

Ever Smoke Review

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Price: $59.99
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Delivery Time: 1-3 days
Flavors: 6
Nicotine Levels: 4

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Ever Smoke is the new brand on the block, but they are quickly becoming one of the top brands available. They have a well designed product line with great low prices. They offer a great selection on everything from cartridge flavors, battery colors and vapor control, and even a charging case in case that’s like having an outlet in your pocket!

The Ever Smoke batteries come in three sizes which gives you the option of keeping your e cigarette small enough to look like a regular cigarette, large and powerful with a super long battery life, or a good combination of both. The automatic batteries turn on when you take a puff, while the manual batteries start producing thick vapor at the push of a button. This gives you the option of getting a bigger throat hit, which result in about a 25% reduction in battery life.

Ever Smoke cartridges all come with VaporMax technology. This is exclusive to Ever Smoke and offers some benefits over lesser brand’s cartridges. For one, Ever Smoke incorporates the two piece design which means their cartridges both hold the liquid nicotine and produce the vapor. This makes things much simpler for the consumer and results in a clean, smooth draw and taste. Their vapor flavors are terrific and the website features a flavor sampler so you try all 6 flavors without buying a full pack of each.

New! Ever Smoke Charging Case!NEW! Ever Smoke Charging Case!
Now you can charge your batteries without an outlet or USB port. This charging pack is about the size of a box of cigarettes and can charge up to 4 batteries before needing to be plugged in.

  • It’s like having an electrical outlet in your pocket!
  • Battery life shown with LED on front of pack!
  • The ultimate in convenience!

To learn more about this Popular Charging Case » Click here

Ever Smoke Starter Kits

  • Ever Smoke Basic Starter Kit – $59.99 - Includes 1 Battery, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger and 5 Flavored Nicotine Cartridges.
  • Ever Smoke Premium Starter Kit – Most Popular! – $79.99 - Includes 2 Batteries (1 Long and 1 Short), 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger and 5 Flavored Nicotine Cartridges.
  • Ever Smoke Ultimate Starter Kit – Recommended! – $109.99 - Includes 2 Batteries (1 Long and 1 Short), 1 Carrying Case, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger, 1 Car Charger and 15 Flavored Nicotine Cartridges.
  • Ever Smoke Ultimate Plus Starter Kit – $154.99 - Includes 2 Batteries (1 Long and 1 Short), 1 Personal Charging Case, 1 Carrying Case, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger, 1 Car Charger and 15 Flavored Nicotine Cartridges.

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  • Ever Smoke offers cartridges in 6 different flavors with 4 different nicotine levels
  • Cartridge Flavors – Classic Tobacco, Cool Menthol, Very Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Coffee Creation, Peppermint Party
  • Nicotine Levels – Full flavored (18mg), Light (12mg), Ultra Light (6mg) and No Nictonie (0mg)
  • Each Cartridge equals about 1 pack of cigarettes
  • Each VaporMax cartridge includes an atomizer and silicone tip to give you maximum performance
  • Save when you buy more than 1 pack!


  • Ever Smoke batteries come in 3 different colors with either automatic or manual switch to give you more control of your vapor.
  • Batteries come in standard, long (longer lasting) and mini (size of actual cigarette) sizes to fit your needs in every situation.


  • Personal Charging Case – $49.99 – Charge and store your e cigarettes on the go!
  • Universal Carry Case – $14.99
  • Lanyard – $9.99
  • USB Charger – $9.99
  • Wall Charger- $12.99
  • Car Charger- $14.99


  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Lifetime Warranty!

Visit the Ever Smoke Website for more information or to make a purchase.

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Overall Rating

Editor's Rating


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Delivery Time:
1-3 days

E Cigarette ReviewsEverSmoke Review

Overall Rating

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Reader Discount:
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Delivery Time:
1-3 days

User Reviews

33 User Reviews for “EverSmoke Review”
  1. Rating

    This is the best e-cigarette that I have tried. The amount of vapor is amazing and flavors are exceptional. I purchased the flavor sampler and there isn’t one that I dislike. I ordered on a Monday and received my starter kit by Thursday.

  2. Rating

    This is my first e-cigarette that i ever tried, and i must say its pretty good. good flavor and taste..

  3. Love, love, love this company! They truly are amazing, I gave up my regular cigs 3 months ago and haven’t had the urge to pick one up again. I purchased the premium starter kit and just bought the personal charging pack. The vapor is incredible and so is the vanilla cartridges. I can’t believe how much more enjoyable smoking ecigs really is. I also like the crystal tip…I have seen some e-cigs in the store and they look cheap.

  4. Rating

    I am a seasoned ecigarette smoker and have given almost every brand a try. I have been let down by my companies that lacked either in product or customer service. Eversmoke has proven themselves to not only have superior products, but also customer service. First, the products, battery holds a charge longer than any other, vapor produced is mind boggling and the cartridges are really the strength and flavor that they should be. I tried the flavor sampler and all were superb. Secondly, the customer service people are knowledgeable and go out of their way to make sure you are happy. Last but not least, I receive my cartridges every two weeks without fail since joining the home delivery program. Which some might take for granted, but you would be surprised how many times I was told blu or V2 was out of stock. Great job Eversmoke!

  5. Rating

    Large amounts of vapor, tobacco is the fullest I have tried in an ecig. The batteries aren’t too heavy and feel right in your hand.

  6. Paula Carr

    Since their debut in late 2011/early 2012, I would have to say this company has reached THE TOP! Their customer service is awesome! The battery -life is incredible and the Home Delivery program is exceptional! If you are new to ecigs, or seasoned, EVERSMOKE is the brand you should try! This is my third e-cig…and last! I am sold on EVERSMOKE!

  7. Bill Spowage

    I bought the basic starter kit to try everything out. I’d heard really good things about EverSmoke, so I decided to go with them as a first time e-cig user, and longtime cigarette smoker. I couldn’t wait for my package to arrive, and I was so impressed when I finally got to use it. I placed another order shortly afterwards because I was so happy with the results. I also wanted to upgrade my assortment of products. I got a few more batteries, as well as the personal charging case. Thanks to EverSmoke, tobacco is totally a thing of my past!

  8. Cecilia Brorsson

    Eversmoke has great customer service. I called because I had questions that I couldn’t find answers to, and their amazing staff answered all my inquiries quickly and intelligently. They treat their customers very well, and I love knowing that dedicated service is an inherent part of the company. You can have the best products in the world, but if you can’t back it up with good service, you’re probably going to fail. Lucky for me, EverSmoke does it all!

  9. Daniela Bastos

    It was really hard being a smoker, while my boyfriend does not smoke. We recently moved in together, and my smoking habit was putting a strain on things. It was kind of like living two different lifestyles, and he was begging me to try e-cigarettes in an attempt to quit. He even bought me an Eversmoke starter kit, after researching for the best one – he is so sweet! To make things short, I loved them instantly! It was such a heartfelt gift, and they work amazingly. I was able to curb my nicotine cravings really quickly, without feeling bad, or having crazy cravings.

  10. Mark Hopcroft

    I have only good things to say about EverSmokes. Since I started with them I have not had any interest in smoking tobacco. Don’t miss it at all. I love the tobacco flavored cartridges, and vaping feels cleaner in every way. The prices are really good for a top of the line company. Excellent service- the phone staff always takes care of me in timely manner and they know everything about their products!

  11. Tristán White

    I just ordered my first starter kit from EverSmoke last week, and I just got it in the mail today. I have never used any other e-cigarettes before. What a great experience. It came with 80% power in the battery, so I was able to start vaping right away. They taste so good, and feel really good in my mouth. The design on these are beautiful. I am in love!

  12. Joe Scothern

    Really great service and shipping. I love my EverSmoke e-cigarettes. Really affordable, get a starter kit if you’ve never tried them.

  13. Ian Skittlethorpe

    The only reason I began smoking cigarettes when I was younger was I tried a menthol and I was instantly crazy about the refreshing flavor. So, a decade later and with a stupid expensive habit, I tried EverSmoke. You know what? The menthol flavor is just as good with these, and without the smoke (just vapor) it feels so cool and fresh. I also really love the vanilla, too. Way better than cigarettes for sure!

  14. Michael Winstanley

    If you can, join EverSmoke’s Home Delivery. They guarantee their products like no one else; and when you do the home delivery, you get a lifetime replacement warranty on all of their products. It also saves you 20% on all of your future refills- something you just can’t beat with the best e-cigarettes. I am a totally satisfied customer!

  15. Phil Read

    In the world of electronic cigarettes, most companies are pretty disappointing. I have tried so many different types, and have to say that EverSmoke is very much my favorite. Their 2-piece design, really powerful vapor production, high style, and great cost value make them the top brand to me. I really wanted to find a brand I could stay with for the long run, but it’s really hard to find that does it all, and has a solid company behind them. Glad to have found about EverSmoke, because they
    are awesome!

  16. Cristina Odone

    I never dreamed quitting cigarettes could be so easy! EverSmoke takes all the work out of switching to electronic cigs, they are a brilliant company. Really, my life

    has been changed for the better, and being free from smoke is the bet feeling ever! It has been 6 months since I last had a cigarette, and I could not be happier about it.

  17. Frances

    EverSmoke e-cigs ROCK! I love their design, and the cartomizers work flawlessly. I did not even pay for expedited shipping and my package arrived ahead of schedule. I previously tried Blu, after getting a small set up from the drug store, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted huge vapor, and powerful flavor- exactly what EverSmoke has got. I will never go back to tobacco again, for sure!

  18. Rating

    Quitting smoking was so hard! Everyone knows it is, but every time I tried, I would be okay for a little while; a few days, a few weeks, and then crash. So, I tried electronic cigarettes in hope that they would help make it easier, being smoke free and all, and I am very happy to say that I have not had a cigarette in over a month! Because I am using e-cigs, it has been without any cravings or temptations! Imagine that! Been a smoker for 5 years, trying to quit for 2, and in just weeks I have done the unthinkable thanks to EverSmoke!

  19. Rating

    I work in a hospital, and my long shifts do not allow me to have constant breaks outside to smoke a cigarette every hour. E-cigarettes are perfect for me because I do not have to exit the building; a few quick puffs in the break room is all it takes to satisfy the urges. EverSmoke, I had heard, has the most technologically advanced construction, and mine have worked great since I started with them. They are way easier than traditional cigarettes, and they really are healthier. The universal carry case allows me to store everything I need inside of it, and it fits nicely in my back pocket. It had been so long since I started smoking, that I had truly forgotten what it was like to be smoke free! And I must say, it is priceless!

  20. Rating

    EverSmoke has got fasntastic service. I have called a couple of times on different occaisions, and always have my questions answered quickly. It makes such a
    difference to me, when a company does not keep you on the phone endlessly running in circles. I love their products, and find everything is great. Much better than cigarettes, and I have no cravings. I love the way I can vape to my heart’s content! The Home Delivery rocks, too!

  21. Rating

    This style of electronic cigarette is really easy to use, set up, and change cartridges with. The built-in atomizer is genius. Having tried the older 3-piece types from other brands, these are much better. Lots of vapor, really well-working. If you like high quality things that don’t break easily, and great taste, and your nicotine in an easy-to-get way, go with EverSmoke!

  22. Rating

    I am all about the throat hit. If an e-cig cannot do it well, I write them off instantly. It is the most important thing in vaping, in my opinion, and EverSmoke does it right! The vapor is enormous, and doesn’t ever burn in the throat. The flavors are great, never overdone, or exaggerated. Some e-cigs make their tobacco flavor very bland, these actually taste like tobacco. Batteries are good, they do not need constant charging. I’ve had an amazing experience with these.

  23. Peter DeFazio

    I have to say, the prices are fantastic. Compared to regular cigarettes, I have saved so much money since I started using these a few months back. While there are other brands cheaper than EverSmoke, because these are top of the line, and really the best quality out there, it pays to go for the best. Nothing breaks on me, the cartomizers last a long, long time. Their batteries are super, and I just can’t say enough about the feeling they have- perfection in every way.

  24. Tim Holden

    My experiences with EverSmoke have been entirely positive in every way. The products are excellent; they are really advanced technologically. I have heard they have the best vapor, and even though I haven’t tried many e-cigarettes, I have to say that it’s a really substantial amount. I would totally recommend these to anyone who is considering going electronic. Tobacco doesn’t stand a chance against these. If people are wary or skeptical of e-cigs, these would be the right e-smokes for them!
    You will not be disappointed- I’ve never been.

  25. Heather Briccetti

    I have tried a lot of the big e-cigarette brands around, and I really have to say that EverSmoke’s batteries are the best around. The lithium ion batteries are always best, and these are very powerful. The amount of vapor is really amazing, no other brand compares. They last forever in between charging, and I think they last way beyond the capacity of puffs. I am really happy with the many different chargers they offer. They make it nearly impossible to not have access to using your e-cig. Doesn’t hurt that you can use these anywhere you want, too!

  26. Cissy Young

    My experience this brand has been nothing short of superb. I love the way my e-cig works, and I love how clean it is! Imagine smoking indoors and not creating a big mess with the smoke, the ash, and the butts! And you can forget about dropping a lit butt and burning things because smokeless means flameless! I love these so much, and cannot be more thankful that EverSmoke exists! The batteries have incredible life to them, and the charging never takes too long. No one I know has ever had any qualms, only satisfaction!

  27. Rating

    I got my first set of eversmoke e-cigs in the mail a week ago. I know its only been a week but I just wanted to say they’ve been great this far. They say you need to use them for a few months to really get off cigarettes but I don’t think itll take me that long. the company is very professional and my order had no hangups. i got the full flavored carts cuz i’m a heavy smoker and they are great. Pina colada flavor rocks, it is very delicious and unexpected for a cigarette flavor. Can’t anything but great at this point.

  28. Joni Baechler

    My first thought when I tried eversmoke: WOW!!!!! What cool flavor- it was peach passion! I was at a bar with my bff who had recently started using them, and instead of leaving her to head outdoors, I asked to try her e-cig. She explained that eversmokes is a really good name, and you get a great nicotine hit from them. It is for sure different than cigarettes but not totally out of left field- I got used to them ina really short amount of time. When yuo stack the benefits they are so much better that its so worth the extra few minutes it takes to learn to use them properly. Best perk is not having to leave my bestie at the bar!

  29. Rating

    learn about the batteries before buying so you know what you want, since they offer three sizes, you got options. Mini battery is definitely not meant to go all day w/ heavy vaping, which is how I do it, so really I go for my high capacity most of the time, and keep other flaovrs in my standard so i can have a little change up. i think my mini goes about 4 hours with non stop vaping before needing chargin so thank god for the pcc, which is the best thing to have if you these are your thing, plus it holds five of them, so it raelly has its perks. i think ES has great vapor wiht all the cartridges ive tried, but for some reason, i think the best vapor comes from the royal tobacco carts- it just seems bigger and i feel it more in my throat. e-cigs are so much better regardless of which kind you like because i have to say how great it is to be able to sit down at a bar and just vape while i throw back a few pints, been years since i could do that with cigarettes!

  30. Joan Narad

    I Use these, and I LOVE these e-cigarettes. One thing that gets me, about people that review EverSmokes products is that people w/ like 2 pack a day, nonstop smoking habits are saying they suck. Well, if you have that kind of attachment, is anything really going to work? I smoked anywhere from 1/2 a pack to a whole pack a day, and have really loved my EverSmokes. Getting used to the no lighter, ash, and trash part is a little different, and then the chrging batteries and keeping cartridges around instead is really not the same, but the feeling is really similar as for the nicotine and really there are so many MORE benefits that they make it very worthwhile. So, to the complainers- figure it out, these are great!

  31. Maureen Bryant

    For having used other e-cigarettes I am really excited about EverSmoke. First of all, I love how they feel when I hold them- it just feels nice, comfortable, natural, with a decent weight to them. Then on the actual usage, I love the feeling as I suck in te vapor, it’s got a cool, thick feel ing that is as satisfying as smoke. Really happy with the battery life- def a more powerful battery than what I previously was used to! Cartomizers/ cartridges are really well made, connecting flawlessly to the battery without being damaged, broken straight from the box, or leaking! I did learn the hard way tho, that if you screw them on too tightly they will not really work, so keep that in check. Also, it is great to have a brand I can use with really good results that doesnt cost too much as well.

  32. Rating

    I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have this brand for my ecigarettes. I got both of my parents, who are smokers since they were teenagers in the 1960′s, to use them. They are simply wonderful… very useful for people like us who wanted to use something other than tobacco for smoking. I started out back in December of 2010, and they wer really good for me. It didnt take long for me to stop using cigs because these feel so real in how they make me feel afterwards and how they feel while smoking. I never even tried to convince my parents, b/c they always feel sketchy about modern products, i just got them each a basic kit and made them try it out!
    Crazy, i know, but they work so good for me, i knew they wouldnt say NO if i put it in front of them on the spot. they were open enough to try them, especially knowing i purchased them outright for them, and you know what???!!! they were shocked! they were like “it’s good! this is really somthing!” Yeah, i was pretty darn satisfied! i was thrilled, because I love them and have been able to use them entirely without going back to cigarettes, so if I could stop a 12 year habit in a short time they could do the same. And its worked! Eversmoke, you got 3 happy users in my family alone, and we’ve all been able to switch over to vapor in no time- your stuff is GREAT!!!!

  33. Rating

    I am really into vapor cigs definitely something I enjoy a whole lot, cleaner/ healthier than smoke is for sure- I have used many of the common brands that are out there and I really like the way these things work. Eversmoke is one my favorites, and the large battery is my first choice on a day to day basis its very satisfying and works the best of all the ones i own. the biggest stand out feature is the flavor, really theyve perfected this. All are decent, and i am even more impressed with the newest ones they came out with- even better than the first ones. Cherry was my favorite of those, but now i am all about the peach. can you tell i like fruit flavors? selection of chargers is nice- very good to have at least 2 i think- the usb is a really important one, very durable too- it goes everywhere with me! i wanted to leave a review just to add my input on these, shaer my feedback, and let everyone know how good they are!

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