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But if they do take the drink, it is the disease, not the man. Try this; think of someone you know who doesn't drink. Now think of them as an alcoholic. What.
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  1. anna jordan

    I use jasper and jasper e-cig and I am quite satisfied with the product. E-cigs are the best alternative of conventional cigarettes. It gives you the desired effect of smoking real cigs without any involvement of risk such as cancers, lungs problems, heart attacks, respiratory problems.
    Not only has it improved quality of your health in fact you don’t have to worry about the people around you because they don’t get bothered as all what released are vapors. Secondly you can smoke anywhere in pubs, restaurants, in office or at homes.
    Other alternatives are also available in market such as gums and patches but they don’t fulfill the need of smoking.
    If its really getting harder for you to quit smoking, go for jasper and jasper e-cigs.

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