E Cigarette Free Trial Offer Scam

E Cigarette Scam

Fake news website promoting an e cigarette scam

If you have spent much time looking to buy e cigarettes on the internet, you have probably seen offers for a free trial e cigarette with a fake news or fake reviews website.  Beware!  These offers are a scam!  Once you enter your name, address, email and phone number you are taken to a second page.  The second page usually shows a special discount and asks you to pay a small amount for shipping and handling.  What you need to read is the fine print.

The fine print will show you have 14 days for your trial, then you will be charged $100+.  Then you are signed up for automatic refill cartridge orders of $50+ and another $10 for shipping and handling.  Most of the time, the e cig starter kit doesn’t arrive until after the 14 day trail period.  Even worse is when the customer doesn’t notice the charges on their credit card until after the electronic cigarette company sends the first month refills.  By then it’s too late.  You’re hit with over $150 of credit card charges and stuck with some of the worst quality e cigarettes you can buy.

What Can You Do?

At this point there’s only one thing to do.  Start calling and emailing and snail mailing the company to cancel your automatic monthly refill subscription.  More often than not, this is easier said than done.  They don’t like to be easy to contact because then they are required to cancel your subscription.  Some unlucky “customers” end up paying for 3 or more months of refill cartridges while they’re trying to contact the shady companies to cancel the subscription.

A lot of the scam companies are now allowing you to return your product if you contact them within a certain amount of time.  They require the customer to pay shipping costs back and send the package to an address listed on their website.

The list of brands that have offered this “free trial” is long with more popping up all the time.  Below you will find the list of companies and the information you need to cancel if you were unlucky enough to fall for the trap.  This list may change, if you need information for a company not listed, let me know, I’ll see if I can help you out.

E Cig Scam Company and Phone List

  • Direct E Cig - Phone: 1-888-217-9026
  • Lux E Cigarette – Phone: 1-866-830-1281
  • Prado E Cigarette - Phone: 1-877-647-3735
  • VIBE E Cig - Phone: 1-800-783-8803
  • Ignite ECig - Phone: 1-877-405-9014
  • Smoking Everywhere - Phone: 1-800-613-0337
  • VirtuSmoke - Phone: 1-866-776-0818
  • Smoke Star Electronic Cigarette – Phone: 1-877-657-3244
  • SmokeStick – Phone: 1-866-950-6351
  • Smart Smoker - Phone: 011448007569475 (UK number)
  • E-Cigs – Phone: 1-866-830-2464
  • Smoke 51 - Phone: 1-888-SMOKE-51
  • Smoke Assist - Phone: 1-800-505-7040
  • Knight Sticks - Phone: 1-800-806-2981
  • Emerald Lux Electronic Cigarette - Phone: 1-888-412-6086
  • Cig Reds - Phone: 1-888-904-6733
  • Green Puffer - Phone: 1-877-658-3244
  • Smokeless Selects - Phone: 1-866-583-9927
  • Raven E-Cigs - Phone: 1-888-470-0665

Don’t Buy From This E Cigs Company!

E Cigarette Free Trial


Don’t Give up on E Cigs!

If you are thinking about buying or already bought from one of these companies, I hope you’re not giving up on e cigarettes all together.  These companies really are giving electronic cigarettes a bad name.  If you’re still looking for a great e cigarette brand, we recommend you read our expert e cigarette reviews.  We make our recommendations based on several categories including real user opinions.  Read our Green Smoke review to see why they are our #1 ranked and best e cigarette brand.


User Reviews

11 User Reviews for “E Cigarette Free Trial Offer Scam”
  1. This website posts the truth. The ranking of the top 10 brands changes as the different companies evolve. This is an outstanding source of information, and seems to be updated regularly.
    My top 2 e-cigs are V2 and GreenSmoke.
    My scam notice to everyone is Prado.
    Thank you Smokless E Cigarette Reviews!

  2. John Campeau

    This site ripped me 109.67 ecigs4us.com
    caught the charge right away. Hope I CAN GET IT BACK!
    How do they get away with it. and Why don’t are Banks protect us from Fraud. Gov is useless!

  3. sid darshan

    just read your blog ecigs operated by great plains nutrition in texas is a rip. now trying to avoid my 1st auto deduction. switched to greensmoke.
    cant a stop payment do the trick?

  4. This website is (un)intentionally supporting this scam. Avoid them.


  5. Yep this is the one that got me.. please report them to GOOGLE and the DMCA… the more complaints the better. I have a 500.00 credit card that I use for the internet… I will be paying off the bill and CLOSING THE ACCOUNT now.. before these bastards get in and cause other havoc with my credit. I just maxed out because the plan was to pay it off in a couple of weeks.. problem is the VIDEO LINK that comes with the site above (it’s suppose to help enhance 1′s effect to stop smoking) has a NON working # THAT ECIG will give you the CORRECT # to call but it is bogus also.. when you call.. there is no mention of the name of the company being called. the ans. machine says you are the caller #1 and it will take ONE min. I stayed on the 3rd time 10 minutes… just 2 c what would happen.. no answer any time. problem the video is 29 99 a mo. and unless you cancel. since i can’t get through.. 29 99 I can expect on that card for pa leeze who knows how long.. I’m closing my account. Bastards

  6. saw this just minutes after falling for the ignite/lux ecig scam. called the number i was given in my email immmediately and cancelled. thank you for the info.

  7. I was lead to the Emerald Lux FREE Starter Kit from an MSN News report about the success rate of e-cigarettes. Paid just $4.95 for shipping this kit and gave it as a Christmas gift. I thought: this is great! A reputable website referenced me so this has to be an honest and reputable company to buy from. I was so wrong… In early-January I received a package with refill cartridges that I did not order. I checked my bank account and found that it had been charged $69.90 for the refills. I then also learned they had charged me $109.95 for the “FREE” Starter Kit. I contacted customer service requesting a shipping label for the cartridges, and a refund for the charges. I was shocked at the customer service reply that essentially said “too bad, you signed up for it”. I explained that I was NOT aware that by choosing an Emerald Lux “FREE” starter kit I would be charged for that kit (how is it FREE then?) and automatically charged/shipped refills. I am giving them 2 business days to apply the refund & send a label before I contact my credit card company to dispute the charges. Based on how many scam-reports I have seen with this company, I don’t foresee any problems. What a scam!

  8. I ordered and got my free trial for the 4.95 but since was charged almost $180.00 and received nothing for it. No refills nothing. I am so pissed off. Just canceled my debit card so they cant do it again. there is no phone number or way I can find to contact them on the website.

  9. Thank you for the warning. I checked my credit card and sure enough there was a charge for $109.95 from GETEMERALDLUX.COM. I immediately called 1-818-335-3873 and canceled the order. They were very cooperative and said if I sent back the “free” sample pack they would credit my account $99.95 ($10 restocking/admin fee.) I am sending it back. If I don’t receive the credit I will be calling the Attorney General of my state to let them know about this.

  10. Re: this website’s comment “Don’t Buy from this E-cigs company,” I would like to point out that yes, Virginia there was small print – it came with the trial kit and if you didn’t read it, shame on you. The E-Cigs Brand allowed me to see if electronic cigarettes would even work for me, without investing a fortune up front. What I received was, in my opinion, a quality product that met my expectations. When I called customer service to try the lower nicotine cartridges, they sent me a 5-pack for free and extended my 14-day trial. As promised, the day after the trial expired, yes, they automatically shipped another batch of cartridges…fine with me. I’ve been “real” cigarette-free for 4 weeks and counting (although yes, I know, they can’t advertise it as a smoking-cessation product). No, the initial presentation is not crystal clear that you’re joining an ‘automatic’ club, but get a clue – they’re not the first company in the universe to use this marketing ploy. Bottom line, be an aware consumer – the company is not solely to blame.

  11. Instead of getting caught in a scam, I did read the fine print and cancelled, I went with the brand at Walmart. The most expensive kit was ~$28 dollars. Had two batteries, a USB and wall charger, three cartridges. 5 pack refills are ~$14. Much better than the E-Lux scam.

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