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Agent Disposable E- Cigarette Kit (Sapphire), This E-cigarette Kit is including as below items: a) two rechargeable batteries b) 6pcs disposable atomizer

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15 User Reviews for “Disposable E- Cigarette Kit (Sapphire) – Buy Sell – Trade Leads
  1. gilbert borges

    I started useing the saphire as soon as I received it…Its incredible! no smell! no real smoke, and I puff when I have the urge so I dont NEED to smoke an entire cigarette. I feel I can breath better now too. Thanks for extending my life! I recommend it to anyone who really wants to eliminate the hundreds of harmful chemicals from their body-forever.

  2. Judy Beth

    Debit Card Scam. Please read the below information.
    On 4-10-2013 I ordered a free sample of saphire e-cigs on line. The sample was FREE the only thing they would charge my debit card for was $4.95 for postage (so they said). On 4-15-2013 they drew the $4.95 from my bank account. On 4-18-13 I received the free sample. On 4-24-13 this company withdrew another $99.62 from my bank using my debit card number with out any permission or authorization from me.
    After making several phone calls to several of their phone numbers I got through to one of their representatives and told him the problem. He informed me that I had subscribed to their club. The ads doesn’t mention a subscription of any kind or a club. I just ordered a free product to try out and paid $4.95 for postage. I had no other agreements with this company. This person told me that I needed to cancel my subscription if I wasn’t satisfied. Which I did. He then checked his computer and said yes here is the cancellation request. He was very rude!!! Then he went on to say ohhhhh you cancelled your subscription and it has locked me out of your account. Since you cancelled your subscription there is nothing that I can do!! Since you cancelled your subscription we will not refund any monies that we have drawn from your bank account on your debit card. I have not joined anything!!! Nor had I subscribed to any thing. The money has already cleared my bank and they have it. I am on a fixed income and would never be able to afford their club or their (scam) is more like it. I am going to contact the attorney generals office of Missouri tomorrow. Also I will be filing a complaint with the U.S. Postal service for mail fraud on Friday. Beings they deal through the postal service it should be considered mail fraud as well. BE WARE this is company they are a total SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will go out of my way to let everyone that I know about them and will post this all over the internet, face book , twitter and inform the AARP. I will be calling a few local TV networks on their scam reports broadcasts. I will also post this information to any place on the internet that I can find that will let me. I tried to clear this up with them but they are rude and insulting. I am on a very low fixed income and cannot afford to be scammed by these people or any one else. The money they took from my bank without my authorization was my grocery money for the rest of the month. I hope that you can help Thank you. Beware of this Company!!!!!!!!!!! (Less)

  3. Thomas Butler

    May 1st, 2013
    I have discovered the very same thing as Judy Beth has, although the “trial” offer costs $4.95, I see that Saphire is going to be collecting $99.67 from my checking each month. No way! I will be going to my bank this morning and making a stop payment request. This is a deceitful practice by this company and I too will be posting on Facebook, Twitter, and any/all other media sites. Of course trying to find a phone number for this company online will be a task in itself, but I shall persist until I reach a positive outcome.

  4. taronna johnson

    the same thing happened to me with the b.s. trial offer/scam.if any of you find out how to get your money back PLEASE call me 570-396-3319 or [email protected]

  5. Robert DeLange

    The exact same thing happened to me. I suggest you keep writing these kinds of reviews. Submit your experience to all the scam sites, email addresses and twitter accounts you may have. Make this go viral. Second. Go to your bank and cancel your card. Get a new card. This is an old tactic of bait and switch.

  6. Lorri Lopez

    I sent them the $4.95 for free trail. They took out on 4-18-13 & still have not gotten!!! The phone # on bank statement is not a REAL one!!! I’m disabled & very ill. This is wrong!

  7. Libby Summers

    I was scammed like all the other people here. Unfortunately, I will have to cancel my debit card, which is linked to other legit accounts like my car insurance and Netflix. How stupid are sapphire e cigs? Don’t they know how loyal smokers are? I bought this for my husband. He has used the same brand of cigs for forty years. Now, he will try another e-cig and never use this one again.

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  9. tom clark

    did not order 1

  10. J. Christopher Jones

    For those complaining about a scam, if you read the complete order page you would have seen that the trial was for 14 days, and then your card would be charged $99.67 and then 69.97 every month after that until you cancelled. Gotta read the fine print, people

  11. Alex Salmassi

    i had never received the free trial and they have charge me 3 times. Can you imagine they advertise on WELL Fargo web before you can see your balance. I called well fargo and said you have been in free trial so is your fault and they have atracking number…WELL Fargo protect them…And let them scam the people before you go see your life saving…Call me 832-7850897 Will file law suit against Well Fargo and trishire..

  12. STamanaha

    I had the same problem with Saphire e-cigs. After doing some research, I’ve found an article that states that a company called Vapor Corp in Florida sells this product which is apparently being marketed under several different names. Now, if you try to find Saphire, you get redirected to Lift Vapor, another e-cigarette that offer the free trial – except that on Lift Vapor’s site, there’s an asterisk * next to the $4.95 price which leads you farther down the page to a statement in very small print that the price pertains if you are enrolling in the program. No specifics given. That * was never on the original Saphire site because I am very careful about NEVER ordering anything that permits a recurring charge on my credit card and never would have submitted my order had it been there. I wrote a long complaint to Vapor Corp. Their information can be found here: http://independentretailer.com/2011/03/04/vapor-corp-leads-e-cigarette-market-with-unique-brands/ Since Saphire was advertised as being sold by Vapor Corp, I told the company that I held them completely responsible and asked for a resolutoin. Vapor Corp is apparently a real company and doing well, at least as of the date of that article. I suggest that everyone here write to them as well and try to get them to fix this problem.

  13. Donna Ellison


  14. Dolores Brazile

    The same thing happened to me. I sent it back and still have not gotten my refund. All the information and phone number were in the box. If any of you have a good number for sapphire please post it. The number on the bank statement is bogus.

  15. Trei maynard

    This company did the same thing to me,there was nothing saying this was a membership I like many other readers would have never ordered this crap.I just found out today that my account was debited without my permission and had to cancel my credit card as well,called my bank and made a complaint but after reading this blog know I will never see my money again.This makes you not want to buy from other companies..

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