Busting the Top 4 Myths about E Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are the latest alternative to tobacco smoking. Developed several years ago by a Chinese inventor and conceptualized decades ago by a visionary, it is now a best selling product among tobacco users who simply want to try something better than a regular tobacco stick.

The Food and Drug Administration classified e cigarettes as drug delivery devices. Although many people are using electronic cigarettes from various companies as smoking cessation devices, there still isn’t much evidence from studies that can prove that it is a safe and potent smoking cessation product. Regardless, many tobacco smokers are using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to conventional tobacco smoking.

There are many controversy and gossip that surround electronic cigarettes. Since its efficiency as a safe and effective smoking cessation device is still under scrutiny, the public still hears a lot of inaccuracies and misinformation about the product. Below are some myths that are most commonly attached to electronic cigarettes. Followed by these myths are actual facts about electronic cigarettes.

Busting these myths once and for all will help the public understand electronic cigarettes more. The propagation of accurate information about the product will certainly make electronic cigarettes known as helpful smoking alternative products rather a dangerous smoking novelty.

Myth 1 – Electronic cigarettes are scientifically proven as smoking cessation devices

Truth - The FDA still isn’t giving its complete approval and authentication that an electronic cigarette is actually a potent smoking cessation device. There are numerous smoking cessation medications on the market today. The FDA still prefer the use of more traditional smoking cessation products such as nicotine patches and nicotine gum. Although not as stylish and convenient as electronic cigarettes, several studies have already been conducted that show the efficacy of gums and patches as potent products that can successfully help a patient stop smoking tobacco altogether.

The reason that electronic cigarette still hasn’t gotten the approval from the FDA is the fact that this product is relatively new. There are also hundreds of companies that came up wither own brand of electronic cigarettes in the past few years. Each brand has its own distinct features and qualities. The variation among brands definitely made it a lot harder for the FDA to regulate the product and set standards, thus slowing down the process of actually declaring it as a viable product to be used as a smoking cessation device.

Myth 2 – Electronic cigarettes are nothing but novelty products

Truth – The goal of electronic cigarette companies is come up with electronic cigarette products that can catch the attention of cigarette smokers. Although the electronic cigarette is a relatively new innovation, thousands of companies have been successful in their efforts to come up with their own smokeless cigarette versions.

In order to attract more people, most companies have formulated new designs for their respective e cig product line. There are those that resemble a slim pen while there are also e cigs that look and feels like real cigarette sticks. There are also extreme designs and form factor intended for consumers who would like to try out something new or first-time users who just want to be discreet about their electronic cigarette smoking.

Whatever your taste or preference is, there certainly is an electronic cigarette that will perfectly suit your tastes and needs. They are not novelty products since they actually work and replicate an actual smoking experience. Some individuals do find them as interesting collector pieces. The wide design variation found across the best electronic cigarette brands doesn’t make them mere novelties.

Myth 3 – Liquid smoke contains high levels of nicotine

Truth – Liquid smoke is the ingredient that users find in a cartridge. This fluid is converted to vapor by the atomizer and is a major contributor to the authentic smoking experience. Liquid smoke comes in a variety of flavors. Some contain nicotine while there are some flavors that are nicotine free and simply feature standard smoke flavors.

The concentration of nicotine in liquid smoke varies. There are five basic nicotine strengths that a consumer may choose from

  • Extra high nicotine concentration, comparable to unfiltered – 24- 36 mg
  • High nicotine concentration, comparable to full flavored – 18mg
  • Midrange nicotine concentration, comparable to medium – 12mg
  • Low nicotine concentration, comparable to lights or ultra light – 6mg
  • Nicotine free liquid smoke, zero nicotine – 0mg

Depending on the nicotine craving of a consumer, they can choose from across these strengths that come in a variety of flavors. Comparing the values above with the actual nicotine concentration found in tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are known to have a relatively low concentration of nicotine. This makes nicotine a rather ideal device for smoking cessation among a lot of its current users.

Myth 4 – Utilization of electronic cigarettes takes a lot of care and maintenance

Truth – Some people have reported the design of electronic cigarettes complicated and tedious. This has led for some to believe that using it is painstaking and high maintenance. The truth of the matter is that majority of the electronic cigarettes on the market are designed to be maintenance free.

There are even electronic cigarettes which are disposable in nature. Almost all electronic cigarette products are maintenance free. Users need not clean or disinfect the product after each and every use. In addition, the compact design of both three-part and two-part electronic cigarette products are geared towards providing consumers a portable commodity that one can use anytime and anywhere.

The only maintenance users observe when using electronic cigarettes is replacing the cartomizer, atomizer, and cartridge when the flavor and heating components have already burned out and dried up. Even replacement of such parts is easy and fast.

Now that some of the myths surrounding e cigarette use have already been busted, this may be a good time for you to consider using it as a potential alternative to your usual tobacco cigarette stick!

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