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Blu stands out by offering a quality products at rock bottom prices. They have partnered up with Johnson Creek to offer great tasting smoke juice made in the USA. When I received my starter kit, I was drawn in by the stylish packing design. They included a easy to understand instructional guide to get my started. One great feature is the carrying case that is included with every start kit that allows you to charge you e cigarette while on the go.

Blu batteries come in either black or white to match your starter kit. The lithium ion technology provides a long life and features a unique blue tip that lights up when you inhale. Similar to the other brands, the battery will flash alerting you when it needs a recharge. With their new “Smart Pack” product line, the LED light will light up and your pack will vibrate when you come within 50 feet of another Blu e cigarette user.

Blu Cartridges are made in the USA by Johnson Creek. With each cartridge giving about 250 puffs, each cartridge is the equivalent to about 1-1.5 packs of regular tobacco cigarettes. With the overall low price, high quality and value of the Blu Starter Kit, Blu Cigs makes one of the most economical brands available.

New! Blu Premium Starter Kit with Social Features!NEW! Blu Cigs Premium Pack!
Blu Cigs Premium Starter Kit is finally here, with a Smart Pack and AMAZING new features!

  • New, patented Social feature!
  • Advanced battery management
  • Easy charge icons on the side of the pack
  • Social feature On/Off switch
  • Mini USB for data control and quick charging

Click here to learn more about the NEW Blu Cigs Social Premium Starter Kit.

Blu Starter Kits

  • White Premium Starter Kit – $79.95 – Includes 1 New White Premium Charging Pack w/ social features, 2 White Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, 5 Cartridges, Wall Charger, USB Charger
  • Black Premium Starter Kit – $79.95 – Best Seller! – Includes 1 New Black Premium Charging Pack w/ social features, 2 Black Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, 5 Cartridges, Wall Charger, USB Charger
  • Premium100 Starter Kit – $89.95 – Longer Lasting! – Includes 1 New Premium100 Charging Pack w/ social features, 2 Large Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, 5 Premium100 Cartridges, Wall Charger, USB Charger
  • White Original Starter Kit – $69.95 – Includes 1 White On the Go Charging Pack, 2 White Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, 5 Cartridges, Wall Charger, USB Charger
  • Black Original Starter Kit – $69.95 – Includes 1 Black On the Go Charging Pack, 2 Black Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, 5 Cartridges, Wall Charger, USB Charger
  • Blu Disposable E Cigarette – $39.95 – Includes 1 Disposable E Cigarette with 4 pack of Classic Tobacco or Magnificent Menthol Cartridges

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  • Blu Cigs offers cartridges in 7 different flavors with 4 different nicotine levels including zero nicotine! Refills are available in black or natural color.
  • Cartridge Flavors – Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla, Pina Colada, and PEach Schnapps
  • Nicotine Levels – 16mg, 12mg, 8mg, 0mg
  • 5 pack of cartridges – $12.00
  • Save more when you buy 2 or more!


  • Replacement Exclusive Pack – $12.95 – Holds 1 Blu Cig, 1 spare battery and up to 5 cartridges
  • Replacement Batteries – $12.95 – Bright Blu LED light
  • USB Charger – $12.95
  • Wall Charger – $12.95


  • Blu offers a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 year warranty on all products
  • FREE shipping!

Visit the Blu Cigs Website for more information or to make a purchase.

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E Cigarette ReviewsBlu Cigs Review
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User Reviews

18 User Reviews for “Blu Cigs Review”
  1. Rating

    I have been using Blu Cigs since July 6, 2011. That was the last time I ever smoked a tobacco cigarette. I had tried every method imaginable to quit smoking including Chantix and other prescriptions without success. Electronic cigarettes are the only thing that worked for me. I chose Blu based on two reasons. I read reviews by people saying that they did not like propylene glycol in the smoke juice, which Blu does not use and because of the portable charger pack. All in all I am satisfied with the product and the customer service is great. Products arrive in my mailbox usually in 3-4 days free from any shipping charges. The only real problems I have with Blu is the burnt taste I get for a few puffs after changing to a freshly charged battery and the same burnt taste when it is time to change to a new cartridge. I like their cherry crush flavor. It produces the most vapor of all the ones I have tried, and just tastes the best to me. The menthol cartridges barely make any vapor at all. The classic tobacco cartridges have a faint vanilla flavor and don’t taste like tobacco at all to me.

  2. Rating

    I ordered Blu about 2 months ago. I found that this brand of e-cig produced inconsistent vapor results among all the flavors, always had a burnt or chemical taste to it and ‘burnt’ the back of my throat. their shipping and customer service is good though. I would recommend trying a different brand of e-cig though.

  3. Rating

    The batteries have a very, very short life but my husband likes this e-cig best. Good thing we have 3 batteries though as he’s always having to switch them. I first bought Blu when it was 3 pieces and it’s is so much better noew that they have cartomizers and made it a 2 piece design. Pretty good, I just prefer a longer battery life!

  4. Rating

    Great tasting Vape but I always had problems with the battery life and faulty carts.

  5. Rating

    not a bad choice but battery life is pretty short
    the charger case is pretty cool too
    carts are expensive but can be bought at walgreens and that is very usefull if you run out!! so some tradeoffs but not bad deal

  6. Rating

    Blu cigs was the first ecig company I tried. I actually stayed with them for a year. I love their flavors and the charging pack but the batteries just do not last long enough for me. I do still use them just not as much. I also like refilling my carts and they do not currently offer that option.

  7. Rating

    I have only tried the Blu Disposable E Cigarette & like the fact that it feels like a cigg. in my hand (light) & is not hard to inhale/draw on. I would recommend this to anyone starting out on their journey to quit “smoking” (like myself)

  8. Nicole Deskins

    I have been smoking Blu for about a year now. Still using the original battery pack, charger and one of the 2 original batteries. I smoke a cartridge a day and feel that Blu has been a great value.

  9. Its the best thing to happen to me

  10. Rating

    This is a pretty good ecig. I love the Blu premium pack that holds one battery/cartomizer attached together. There is one spot to put your battery that it will charge your battery on the go. There is 5 more spots that hold extra cartomizers. They do have some good flavor cartomizers. I like the tobacco classic. Their juice comes from Johnson Creek which is made in the USA.

    One problem is that their battery does not last very long before it needs a new recharge.

  11. Rating

    For those of you with battery problems, you need to try the new Premium 100 kit from Blu. I’ve been using mine for a month now. The cartridges & batteries for the premium 100 are bigger and last longer. Two batteries last me all day long. And because one is always charging in the portable charging case, I always have one ready when the other runs out. The Premium 100 charging case lasts me up to 4 days between charges. I’m loving not having to plug anything in for 4 straight days while having constantly charged batteries the entire time. No complaints here. I’ve read some of the poor reviews regarding the old style packs with their underperforming batteries. You should try the new & improved Premium 100′s from Blu.

  12. Rating

    To start, this is one of my first electronic-cigarettes. Before purchasing a starter pack at Walgreens,($69) I had purchased disposables(Veritas Smoke, Blu).

    Upon opening my new starter pack, I was very anxious. I had no clue what to expect. The packaging caught my eye–quite exquisite and refined. My pack came with a rechargeable flip-top box, usb charger, wall charger, two batteries, as well as a high-variety 5-pack(16 mg).

    The first drag of the java jolt was exhilarating… it was an experience I had never encountered with my short history of smoking/vaping. Around the next day or so, after about 100 drags(more or less), the cartridge lost its flavor. I tried a menthol cartridge, which did not taste anything like the menthol that I was used to in the disposable.

    I gave Blu 3.5/5 for some reasons:

    -Available at Walgreens
    -Pack charger is convenient
    -Produces an ample amount of vapor

    -Quality of vapor
    -Cartridges need to be replaced frequently
    -Lack of variety in flavors
    -Battery can be too sensitive

    I ordered a v2 starter pack a few days ago. I guess I will have to compare.

  13. Rating

    Yeah I seem to agree with most of you. Battery life is terrible. You would be lucky to make it a whole day with a fully charged pack and one battery, unless you had the 100 brand, but that one still doesnt last very long.
    Switch to V2, the design is not as good as blu, but the batteries and cartridges last longer which is the most important thing.

  14. Tina Lott

    I got my disposables on Thursday at noon. I took it to work and left my traditional pack at home. LOVE LOVE LOVE the disposable idea. I have tried another E-cig prior and the hassle of charging carrying a charger , the cartridges all of it was killing me. Almost more so then traditional smoking LOL … I wanted the complete smoking experience without the charge/recharge/change/fill … issue of the E-cig. This is perfect! I did not change my typical routine at all. I got outside with my traditional smoking buddies have a chat and puff away. I can not state enough how it has completely worked for me. I came home on Thursday and crushed my half pack of traditional smokes and flushed them in the toilet.

    I did have to get use to the flavor a bit day one but now day three and its all good. I do hold it more like a pen instead of a traditional cig and draw/inhale more like a cigar one draw into my mouth then a second and inhale. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as traditional Cig’s but I do.

    I bought a box of 16 and on my 3rd since Thursday. Cost is equal or a bit less to traditional smokes, but no smoke smell or other complications. to me the disposable E-cig is my life saver and I will never turn back. I have order a couple of other disposable E-cigs from a couple other companies just to try their flavor but right now this is my number one. I will forever be a supporter of BLU Disposables !!!

  15. Tina Lott

    Opp’s forgot star rating … 5 stars for disposable E-cig’s!!!

  16. Rating

    Thank You BLU !!!!

  17. Rating

    This e-cig is on my don’t buy list for sure. The first thing is the charge pack does not work. The batteries are hit or miss. One of my batteries last for about 20 to 30 hits. The cartridges are very inconsistent and do not last very long. There is a burning inside the cartridge, it heats up burns your lips and the vapor when this happens burns your throat. If you take apart the cartridge you will see that there is some burning and that can not be good. Not sure if they will let me put this on here but I did a full review with pictures on youtube. if this is not ok, sorry just take it off.

  18. Nancy Erie

    I started with Blu, but cecame very disenchanted with them. They want too much for their tiny little cartridges, that are dried out by the time I bought them The batteries have no life at all. I lost a lot of money purchasing cartridges that only worked half the time. I switched over to JOHNSON CREEK because I knew Blu used their smoke juice and I like JC smoke juice and I am way happier with JC. With JC you can ad your own juice to a blank cartridge, it lasts all day and so do their batteries. Blu has poor manufacturing.

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