Best Electronic Cigarette

Best E CigaretteYou want to know, what is the Best Electronic Cigarette brand?  Our experts have ranked each brand based on several categories including real user reviews.  To save you time, we don’t list the average and worst e cig brands, scroll down and you will only see the best e-cigs on the market.

Here at Smokeless E Cigarette Reviews we try our hardest to provide you with the best e cigarette reviews.  It helps us tremendously when you take the time to leave a review on your favorite e cigarette brand.  We are always updating our ranking to stay on top of things such as new product releases, customer service improvements, and coupon code promotions.  The more reviews readers like you leave, the better our site is for the next smoker looking to try electronic cigarettes.

Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Category E Cigarette Brand Price Coupon Code Review Visit Website
Overall Best Electronic Cigarette Image $94.99 w/coupon disc10-10947
10% Off disc5-10947
5% Off

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Best Customer Service Image $53.95 w/coupon SMOKELESS
10% Off

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Most Convenient Image $53.99 w/coupon SMLESS10
10% Off

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Best Looks
and Feel
Image $69.95 Sign up for Updates
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Best Selection Image $49.95 Sign up for Updates
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Image $56.95 w/coupon SMOKELESS
5% Off

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Best E-Liquid Image $53.95 w/coupon SMOKELESS
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Overall Best Electronic Cigarette

Green Smoke - Best Electronic CigaretteGreen Smoke is our top ranked electronic cigarette brand.  The Green Smoke Starter Kit is our recommended kit for the average e cigarette user.  They have been one of the most popular brands since the beginning of the e cig revolution.  Green Smoke is a definite winner for the best overall e cigarette for the following reasons.

  • Flavor / Taste – The New FlavorMax Cartridges offer the best flavor and taste.
  • Vapor Amount - Produces a huge amount of vapor with every puff.
  • Technology - The first brand to offer the revolutionary two piece design.
  • Sales / Discounts - Proven track record of offering great sales and discounts.

Real user testimonial for the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette:

“To put it in simple words, love It, love it, love it. I love this product in many ways, I have tried about 4 different electric cigarette companies and this one is the best. I give customer service: 9/10. Smoke Volume: 10/10-Perfect! ”
– Sergey Kucherenko from Green Smoke website

As you would expect from our highest rated electric cigarette, Green Smoke offers free shipping, 30 day money back guarantee, and a 1 year warranty.  To get even more information, read our detailed Green Smoke review.

Visit the Green Smoke website here »

Best Customer Service

V2 Cigs - Best Customer ServiceV2 Cigs has recently become the most popular e cigarette brand on the market for good reason.  They are considered the best valued electronic cigarette and to back it up they have exceptional customer support. Whatever you need, V2 is there to go above and beyond. Want a custom flavor cartridge? Just ask their helpful support team!

  • Customer Service - No one comes close to V2′s customer service and live chat
  • Value - V2 Cigs has low prices and very high quality on starter kits and cartridges.
  • Product Variety - Largest selection of kits, cartridges, batteries, and accessories.
  • Product Options - LED colors, battery type, colors and sizes, custom flavors…

Real user testimonial for V2 Electronic Cigarette:

“Before the V2 I was using the old e-cig I had as a supplement to help keep the $8.00 a day pack cost down. I felt like I could switch fully if I found the right e-cig. Well I have found it. The V2 will be my choice of e-cig for now on. I am now “regular” cigarette free. My family is also happy with the choice made and I thank the team at V2 for an outstanding product. Oh and by the way if your reading this, I did deal with the customer service and the experience was great. Thank you V2 for giving me my lungs back.”
- Michael D. Stewart from V2 website

V2 Cigs also offers worldwide shipping, a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.  To get even more information, read our detailed V2 Cigs review.

Visit the V2 Cigs website here »

Most Convenient

South Beach Smoke - Most ConvenientSouth Beach Smoke is unique in that they offer special benefits to customers that sign up for their popular home delivery membership program.  Members get a 25% discount on automatic monthly cartridge orders, lifetime warranty on batteries and other exclusive sales. With new lower priced cartridges, South Beach Smoke is a great deal.

  • Monthly Cartridges - Save money and don’t worry about remembering to order refill cartridges again.
  • Low Price - South Beach Smoke offers a low price point, which gets better with membership.
  • Member Benefits - Special sale and discounts as well as free replacement batteries.

Real user testimonial for South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette:

“I was smoking a pack a day and spending about $200 a month on cigarettes. Now I have cut that cost down over 50%… plus I get all the extra benefits of an electronic cigarette. Thanks South Beach Smoke!”
-Hazel H, Riverside, CA from South Beach Smoke website

For a limited time get a $100 gas rebate when you order a starter kit.  To get even more information, read our detailed South Beach Smoke review.

Visit the South Beach Smoke website here »

Best Look and Feel

Blu Cigs - Best Look and FeelBlu Cigs has the sleekest and coolest looking electronic cigarette available.  They recently released a game changing “smart pack” kit that has been getting a lot of great reviews. If you are a social smoker who wants to impress your friends and family with the best looking e cig on the market, Blu Cigs the perfect e cigarette brand for you.

  • Signature Look - Stylish design with the signature Blue LED light up tip.
  • Smart Pack- Feature packed carrying pack with glowing Blu logos and battery indicators.
  • Social Feature - Smart pack vibrates when you are near another Blu user.
  • Johnson Creek - Blu teamed up with USA smoke juice producer for high quality flavor.

Real user testimonial for the Blu Electronic Cigarette:

“I switched to blu just over a year ago and will never go back to analogs or any other e-cig company. 1. Free Shipping is always fast. 2. Customer Service is obviously there to make me happy! 3.  New products, new website, new flavors(so says facebook) You already have the best product out there, keep the train rolling! Oh, and awesome job with the new pack! I CANT WAIT until i get mine….free shipping, free shipping, free shipping “
- Robby from Blu Cigs website

As you can see in the testimonial above, Blu offers free shipping as well as a 30 day guarantee and a one year warranty.  To get even more information, read our detailed Blu electronic cigarette review.

Visit the Blu website here »

Best Selection

Premium E Cigarette - Best SelectionPremium offers the largest selection of e cig products. Their product line includes 8 electronic cigarette kits, 3 disposables, 3 electronic cigar kits, and an electronic pipe kit.  In addition, Premium features custom battery designs and 21 different cartridge flavors. If you want to try something new, try a Premium electronic cigarette, cigar, or pipe.

  • Huge Selection - Premium offers the largest e cigarette product line.
  • Signature Cartridge Flavors – New popular Premium Tobacco cartridge flavors.
  • Custom Battery Design - Unique designs and colors for high quality batteries.
  • Pipes and Cigars - Don’t smoke cigarettes? Premium pipes and cigars are top notch.

Real user testimonial for the Premium Electronic Cigarette:

“I have been so pleased with your service and your product after smoking conventional cigarettes for the past 38 years your e-cigs are a life saver. I convinced my daughter to switch to you guys too. I recommend your product to all my smoker friends as a safer and cheaper alternative for those of us who know we should quit but still enjoy smoking too much to stop. Thank you!”
- KH from Premium E Cigarette website

Backing up their high quality products, Premium offers a 30 day money back guarantee, free shipping as well as a 90 day replacement warranty.  To get even more information, read our detailed Premium electronic cigarette review.

Visit the Premium website here »

Best New Technology

The Safe Cig - Best New TechnologyThe Safe Cig recently released the Safe Cig Micro, a new e cigarette kit that is getting a lot of attention.  The initial reviews are excellent and The Safe Cig Micro moved the top spot for the best new e cigarette technology award. It’s the lightest and most compact e cigarette we’ve seen which makes it feel very similar to a traditional cigarette.

  • New and Improved - Safe Cig Micro is an all new design with great new features.
  • Lightweight and Compact - About the same size as a regular cigarette.
  • Smooth Draw - Consistent smooth vapor draw for a clean puff, every time.
  • Flavor Selection - 13 new flavors with traditional cigarette comparison guides.

Real user testimonial for The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette:

“Thank you for an awesome product – received my starter kit yesterday – I can not believe how close it is to a real cigarette – it’s like smoking the real thing!! I don’t know why I waited so long. Your shipping is fantastic, had my kit in three days!!”
- Linda Dupry from The Safe Cig website

Designed and engineered in California, The Safe Cig products are made with the highest quality standards.  To get even more information, read our detailed Safe Cig review.

Visit the Safe Cig website here »

Highest Quality Standards

White Cloud - Highest Quality StandardsWhite Cloud electronic cigarettes are without a doubt the highest quality e cigarettes money can buy.  If you want a product made with the absolute highest manufacturing standards, White Cloud is the brand we recommend for you. The all new Cirrus 3x kit comes with the longest lasting battery ever made which is great for heavy, serious smokers.

  • Longest Lasting Battery - Batteries that last up to 2-3x longer than most brands.
  • SmoothDraw Cartridges - Durable cartridges with a rich, fresh, satisfying taste.
  • Quick Charging - ChargeBolt USB charger fills up your battery in only 60 minutes.
  • Customer Care - Raving reviews for their customer service.

Real user testimonial for the White Cloud Electronic Cigarette:

“Wow wow wow fantastic is your e-cig. I bought 3 different brands and all three were awful. Smooth and long lasting. I’m so very happy with your product. Will write to face book about the white cloud cigarettes. Awesome. Thanks a million, you did a fantastic job making it. I’m a very happy camper. Thanks again!”
- Adik D from White Cloud Cigarettes website

White Cloud makes a superb product line and backs it up by offering the best warranty in the business.  To get even more information, read our detailed White Cloud electronic cigarette review.

Visit the White Cloud website here »

Best E-Liquid

V2 Cigs - Best E-LiquidV2 Cigs recently broke into the e-liquid market with a bang. Already known for their top of the line two piece design e cigarettes, the New V2 Platinum E-Liquid sets a new standard for smoke juice. E-liquid is great for advanced e cigarette users who prefer a three piece design, which include self-filling reusable cartridges.

  • Cost Effective - Filling your own cartridges in a great way to save money.
  • Great Flavor – E-liquid has been known to taste better to certain users.
  • Flavor Variety - Recipes that are created, tested and refined, not just flavored.
  • More Vapor - Control how much liquid you get with V2 Drip Tips.

Real user testimonial for Halo E-Liquid:

“Thanks Marisa for changing my eliquid order to Sahara. Glad I tried the Sahara in my sampler & loved it. She was so helpful and we did everything from the online chat. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait until you guys expand your eliquid line!”
- Gina Z from V2 Cigs Facebook page

Filling your own cartridge is like rolling your own cigarettes.  If this is for you, try the New V2 Cigs Platinum E-liquid.  To get even more information, read our detailed V2 Cigs reviews.

Visit the V2 website here »

Choosing the Perfect Electronic Cigarette

We know how tough it can be to choose between so many brands of e cigarettes.  Electronic cigarettes are still relatively new and their popularity has been growing incredibly fast.  As a result there are a lot of new companies popping up, and some are not so great.

That said, there are several highly recommended e cig brands with varying features and benefits.  Since no two smokers are alike, we know not one brand is best for everyone.  Our goal is to breakdown the best brands by categories so you can choose what is most important to you. This will help you make a decision and find the brand that is the best fit for you.

Worst E Cigarette Brands

Be aware there are some companies that will rip you off. Any “free trial offer” is a red flag. Read our article on e cigarette scams to learn more.

If you are still looking for other options, see our full list of our top rated e cigarette reviews.  I encourage you to come back and leave a review whenever you try a new e cigarette brand. Doing so will help others find their perfect e cigarette. Sign up for our newsletter to receive e cigarette coupon code and promotion updates, new product release reviews and popular brand e cigarette giveaways.