E Cigarette Benefits

The list of reasons why e cigarettes are better than traditional cigarettes is endless.  Below are just a few of the advantages of switching to smokeless cigarettes.

No Smokers Breath

The vapor released from an e cigarette does not have the same odor as regular cigarettes.  This means you can satisfy your craving for nicotine without the offensive odor normally associated with smokers.

No Ash or Flame

Since there is not an actual flame with e cigarettes, just an LED light, there’s no need to worry about starting fires or burns from ash.

Cheaper than Cigarettes

You will save money with e cigarettes.  With regular cigarettes selling for as high as $12 in some states, switching to e cigarettes is a no brainer.  With our discounts and e cigarette coupon updates, you can save a bundle of cash.  Check out the savings calculator on the bottom right of the website to see just how much you can save.

No Cigarette Butts

E cigarettes are also eco-friendly since there’s less waste.  Each cartridge is the equivalent of about 20 cigarettes.  That’s a lot of cigarette butts.

Smoking Freedom

Unlike traditional cigarettes, you can smoke just about anywhere with electronic cigarettes.  You will find traditional no smoking zones such as many bars, restaurants and airports don’t apply when you’re using an e cigarette.

No Social Stigmas

Every cigarette smoker knows the feeling.  Now with e cigarettes, you don’t have to worry about offending your friends, family and coworkers.  In fact, some of your friends that smoke will probably want to know what your new e cigarette is all about!