5 Huge Benefits of Switching to E Cigarettes

Without a doubt people who are not familiar with electronic cigarettes would ask about the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes. To answer this question, it is necessary that we define what is an electronic cigarette.

Basically, an electronic cigarette also referred as e-cigarette, is a type of electrical device which has been designed to simulate the act of smoking regular cigarette. Electronic cigarettes produce a mist which when inhaled creates the same appearance and sensation of tobacco cigarette smoking.

One of the possible answers to the question, what are the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes? would be that it can effectively mimic the flavors of nicotine making it unnoticeable even to the palate of the most avid smoker but with relatively lesser health risks involved.

The best electronic cigarette on the market makes use of controlled heat or ultrasonics to create a vapor from glycerin or propylene glycol based liquid solutions which are converted into aerosol mist. In essence the concept of high quality e-cigarette products is similar to a humidifier or nebulizer for inhalation.

The Benefits of Switching to Electronic Cigarettes

There is popular perception that electronic cigarettes help stop smoking habits. The cartridge strength comes in different levels which mean that e-cigarette smoking can cater to even the most avid of smokers.

The growing electronic cigarette market has benefited from the numerous kits that have been introduced to cater to the distinctive taste of various types of smokers. Majority of the cheapest starter kit are considered as portable and self-contained cylindrical devices. Electronic cigarette products are normally just the size of a magic marker or a ballpoint pen. Other electronic cigarette products may be packaged differently depending on its contents as well as the varying types of batteries.

According to most e cigarette reviews, the types of batteries that are normally included in electronic cigarette packaging are manual batteries, automatic batteries, portable battery, and with some manufacturers, a second battery is included in the package.

Essentially, you virtually get an unlimited supply of e cigarettes in one packaging at a fraction of the cost. Some electric cigarette manufacturers may also have discount codes or a clearance section where you can get lower priced accessories like e cigarette cartridge, USB charger, refill cartridges, and extra cartridges all in an attractive carrying case.

In terms of the question “what are the benefits of switching to electric cigarettes?” the lifetime warranty and 30-day money back guarantee both contribute to a high quality e-cigarette smoking experience. Other perceived benefits from the best electronic cigarette include:

Top 5 Reasons to Switch to E Cigarettes

1. Health gains – traditional smokers normally have anywhere from 6-10 cigarettes a day. Although they know that this is harmful to their health, they justify the habit because of its supposed relaxing and social effect. In the context of “what are the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes?” these effects are not lost in electronic cigarettes. In fact, many electronic cigarette reviews reveal that the technological breakthrough from the best electronic cigarettes have helped maintain these effects with relatively lower health risks.

2. Attractive cigs design – when you buy your first e-cig, you will realize that it looks no different from regular cigarettes. In fact, many of the cigs design on the market mimic tobacco cigarette to the point that other people would not even know the difference. Moreover, electronic cigarettes even have a glowing tip similar to regular cigarettes that not only allows smokers to enjoy the same feeling but also project the same appearance. And all these come in very competitive pricing.

3. Safety with batteries – because electronic cigarettes operate with portable battery, there is no need for matches and lighters which makes them safer in terms of avoiding accidental fire. The portable battery is responsible for making the light at the tip of the electronic cigarette to glow when you puff on it. This is a novelty design regardless whether you are an avid or social smoker.

4. Smokeless and odorless – for those who are curious about the advantages of e-cigarettes, the elimination of smoke which effectively minimizes the instances of second and third hand smoke is probably one of the most important benefits that can be obtained from using such products. What many people perceive as smoke from electronic cigarettes is actually vapor that mimics smoke of real cigarettes.

The difference is that the vapor lasts just long enough to give the appearance of smoke but unlike tobacco cigarette smoke, it does not leave any harmful residue. The odor likewise vanishes almost instantly unlike other cigarette products which leave harmful and obnoxious odors that cause third hand smoke.

5. Savings on electronic cigarettes – basically the refill cartridges and extra cartridges of electronic cigarettes can last almost as long as 2 pack of tobacco cigarette. The first battery of the starter kit can also last for a long time before you need to purchase a second battery. All of these mean that there will be substantial savings for the smoker.

The savings from electronic cigarettes can also be attributed to the fact that tax on regular cigarette increases, while such tax does not apply to e-cigs. This account for virtually all the savings attributed to electronic cigarette products and is a good argument on what are the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes?

With all these advantages when you switch to high quality e-cigarettes, the question of “what are the benefits of switching to e cigarettes?” can now be easily answered.  Click here to find out more about our top ranked e cig brand, Green Smoke.

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