4th of July E Cigarette Sales : V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke & Safe Cig

Happy 4th of July!  Summer is here and I’m happy to announce Smokeless E Cigarette Reviews is offering 4 awesome e cigarette promotions for our 4 top ranked brands.

  • If you’re new to e cigarettes, please read our e cigarette reviews.
  • If you’re unhappy with your current brand, don’t switch back to regular cigarettes.  Try one of our top 4 brands listed below.
  • If you’re already a fan of one of these brands, now is the time to stock up on refill cartridges at a huge discount!

Now on to the e cigarette 4th of July sales and promotions…

V2 Cigs Sale

V2 Cigs is offering their biggest sale of the year this weekend.  Get 25% off everything in the store! This offer is valid July 2-4 so don’t wait!

V2 Cigs Sale

Click here to get 25% OFF V2 Cigs

As you may know, V2 Cigs is our #1 rated e cigarette.  They have great products and are quickly becoming the most recognized brand of e cigarettes on the market.  Read our full V2 Cigs review.

Green Smoke Sale

Green Smoke’s offer is for 15% off all starter kits and they are also offering a limited edition Freedom Kit which is equal to 20% off a starter kit, case and extra pack of cartomizers!  This offer expires July 5.

Green Smoke Sale

Click here to get 15-20% OFF Green Smoke

Green Smoke has been making one of the best e cigarettes since their beginning back in 2008.  They are always highly recommended and have been known to give the most vapor with each puff.  Read our full Green Smoke review.

South Beach Smoke Sale

South Beach Smoke is offering 15% off + free shipping for all starter kits with the exception of their Premium Starter Kit which is already only $29.95!    This offer is valid from now until July 5.

Click here and use coupon code “STARS” to get 15% OFF + FREE SHIPPING

South Beach Smoke is a great company with a low priced e cigarette.  They are currently offering a Smoke Free Soldiers promotion for all active and former US military personnel.  Read our full South Beach Smoke review.

The Safe Cig Sale

The Safe Cig is offering 20% off the entire site to celebrate the 4th of July!  This offer is valid July 2-4.

The Safe Cig Sale

Click here and use coupon code “INDEPENDENCE” to get 20% OFF

The Safe Cig has always offered a very high quality product and backs up everything with a lifetime warranty.  Read our Safe Cig review.

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