20 Celebrities Smoking E Cigarettes >> Pictures and Videos

As e cigarettes continue to gain popularity, the number of Hollywood celebrities that make the switch to smokeless cigarettes from traditional cigarettes continues to rise.  In fact although he hasn’t admitted to smoking, former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a California Electronic Cigarette Bill recently.  So which celebs are smoking?  See the list below.

Celebrities Smoking E Cigarettes

Leonardo DiCaprio

Spotted smoking an e cigarette while on his bicycle, actor Leonardo DiCaprio was formally known as a long time user of e cigarettes.  Rumors have it DiCaprio made the switch when e cigarettes were handed out at the British Film Awards.

Leonardo DiCaprio Smoking E Cigarette

David Letterman & Katherine Heigl

Showing off her new e cigarette, actress Katherine Heigl was enjoying her electronic cigarette so much, she convinced David Letterman to take a few puffs.  Watch the clip to see for yourself!

Charlie Sheen

Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen has recently launched his own e cigarette company, NicoSheen.  Sheen must be convinced e cigarettes are the future of smoking.

NicoSheen Charlie Sheen E Cigarette

Johnny Depp

In the new movie, The Tourist, Johnny Depp is spotted numerous times taking a quick puff of his e cigarette.  It’s no secret Depp has smoked cigarettes in the past, so I’m glad he made the switch to smokeless e cigarettes.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton isn’t know for being behind the trends, whether it’s fashion or smoking cigarettes.  It’s no surprise she has made the switch to e cigarettes.

Paris Hilton Smoking E Cigarette

Lindsay Lohan

Actress, singer and model, Lindsay Lohan is also known as a cigarette smoker.  With all of the no smoking laws in California, Lindsay made the right move by switching to e cigarettes.  I don’t think she can handle another brush with the law.

Lindsay Lohan Smoking E Cigarette

Britney Spears

Making news by smoking cigarettes around her kids, I’m glad Britney Spears came to her senses and made the switch to e cigarettes.  With e cigarettes, Spears now can feel better and not worry about the offensive cigarette smoke.

Britney Spears Smoking E Cigarette

Kevin Federline

Britney’s ex-husband and father of kids, Kevin Federline has also made the switch to e cigarettes.  Again, this is a wise decision.  Smokeless cigarettes are common with parents of small children.

Kevin Federline Smoking E Cigarette

Kate Moss

Supermodel Kate Moss is known as quite a party girl and has been seen with a cigarette in her hands many times.  With e cigarettes becoming more and more popular, it was only a matter of time before a picture was taken with Kate Moss and an electronic cigarette.

Kate Moss Smoking E Cigarette

Taryn Manning

Singer and actress, Taryn Manning has done it all from Playboy to becoming a spokesperson for e cigarettes.  Doesn’t she look great with that smokeless cigarette in her hand?

Taryn Manning Smoking E Cigarette

Nikki Reed & Ashley Greene

Hit TV show, Twilight, stars Ashley Green and Nikki Reed told the media they are trying to quit smoking cigarettes.  Knowing they are in the public eye, they probably don’t want to negative social stigma.

Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene Smoking E Cigarette

Tom Petty

Rock musician, Tom Petty, told Parade Magazine his e cigarette gives him a ”shot of nicotine and steam … and takes the edge off the smoking”.  At 59 years old I’m glad he realizes the need for change.

Tom Petty Smoking E Cigarette

Eric Roberts

Buffy the Vampire actor Eric Roberts seems to be enjoying his e cigarette when this picture was taken with the Costello twins.  Who can blame him?

Eric Roberts Smoking E Cigarette

Jose Canseco & Danny Bonaduce

Teaming up with Smoking Everywhere, former MLB baseball all star Jose Canseco is a proud user of e cigarettes.

Jose Canseco and Danny Bonaduce Smoking E Cigarette

Kevin Connolly

The Entourage star, Kevin Connolly picked the alternative to cigarettes by picking up an electronic cigarette.

Kevin Connolly Smoking E Cigarette

Ryan Seacrest

Radio personality, TV host and network producer Ryan Seacrest is another Hollywood A lister that has been seen smoking e cigarettes.

Ryan Seacrest Smoking E Cigarette

Kate Middleton

Former habitual smoker and future Queen of England, Kate Middleton was sent a South Beach Smoke e cigarette as a wedding present.  No pictures have been taken of her enjoying her ecig, but I suspect she is enjoying it.

Kate Middleton Smoking

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